QA Jam Session 2016_02

yes, i know you are all involved in testing ns7alpha, sogo3, cockpit, etc… but there is some new work for the good old stable release :wink: for the testing team and for everyone who wants to contribute :grin:
@vcc, @mabeleira, @medworthy, @dz00te, @fasttech, @GG_jr, @Adam

the same list but on redmine:

other test thread:
Call for test Stephdl modules Call for test Stephdl modules

nethserver-arpwatch Nethserver-arpwatch: Needs Tests

if you are new to test/qa read here:

or wiki:



Great shot friend, I remind to everybody that doing QA has several undeniable benefits:

  • learn new stuff about NethServer
  • improve your knowledge on specific modules
  • know better the issue tracker
  • play a role in the NethServer development
  • have the opportunity to join our great Testing Team
  • help the NethServer community making a tangible contribution

Come on people, let’s raise your hand and reply to this topic :wink:

I’ve just released a couple of update that need testing:

@dz00te please add them to the list


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The QA Jam Session seems to move forward, thanks to @dz00te @filippo_carletti @fasttech @nrauso :ghost:

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I’ve just came back from my licence and have my ns7 installed, having some
issues o some packages, but i let you know further this week.

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Happy to see you around again mate! :wink:
For NS7 this is the proper topic:

I will probably steal this tomorrow :wink: