Activate NethForge directly from the software center

Continuing the discussion from Call for test Stephdl modules:

I see this Nethforge as the AUR repository in the Archlinux environment.

With all warning when clicking on the option… Why not? :wink:

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This is not simple at all.

  1. The NethForge release RPM is not inside the default distribution
    This can be simply addressed by installing the RPM with core modules, but would be the repository enabled by default?

  2. Adding NethForge to left menu
    What does exactly the purpose? You would like to replicate the “Software Center” target only for the forge?

  3. Which repository from NethForge should be enabled by default?
    Would like to see both stable and testing RPMs? If we want to enable only the stable repository, how would you enable the testing repository from the GUI (we totally miss, by purpose, this feature)?

Just to clarify a bit, I agree with this proposal but we need to get the right decisions since adding such a feature is not trivial :smile:

My purpose is giving to NethForge more visibility permitting the “config set repository” by webinterface. I would install the NethForge rpm repository into the core module and disabling it by default, giving the possibility to simply enable it by webui.
So that people can said "oh I see tons of interesting modules here … Cool!"
What do you think? Is it more clear now?

We’re not far from here. The nethserver-nethforge-release RPM is already in base repository:

Nowadays a shell command is required to enable it, but we can easily add it to the Software Center by creating a YUM group here:

Please, read the doc

I’m waiting for your Pull Requests :slight_smile:

So the proposal it’s something like this:

  1. Add a NethForge groupo inside the base repository, then the user will be able to install the NethForge with a single click
  2. The NethForge will enabled by default when installed, and a new “NethForge” category will be available inside the Software Center

Am I correct?
@dz00te what to you think?

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IIRC we already have this

BTW baseurl was fixed for ns7

yes i think it’s ok, this will permit the installation of contribs in a easier way…

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Ok, let’s go down this way!

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Done on NS 7!

Of course, the phpMyAdmin is only an example! :smile:


That great @giacomo! You guys are giving us the cookies one after the other :smile:

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Love the idea.

Reading the Owncloud 9 topic, I was thinking about the Nethforge repository.
I seem like the AUR Repository in Archlinux:

  • What about the stability?
  • What about the level of integration with the NethServer Core system? (Ie php version required)
  • What about the confidence about a package? ( stli maintened or not )

You have two repositories for nethforge…

Nethforge the stable repository
Nethforge-testing the staging repository for test purpose.

Normally when a rpm goes to nethforge you can be confident

But the history, the actualization, security correction…it’s the Dev Team to care about or someone else ( the package creator, onother maintainer )?

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I suppose that the author is the best to follow security updates, but if he doesn’t follow them, others can do it.

I recall two rpm in nethforge, phpmyadmin and wordpress, concerning the security purpose the most of time it is to push new dependencies from epel to nethforge.


We have to find a way to control this.
Perhaps with a quality team, because there’s lot of things that can occur…
The author can die, can leave the project, can be too busy to continue to maintain.

Yeah…this is life

For this reason we have to find something to prevent.
Societies, Enterprises, Associations, Projects have to prevent these inconvients…

This is the difference between packages inside the core and the forge.
Core packages are maintained and supported by the whole NethServer project, packages inside the forge are the effort of one or more developers who shared their work (often with time stolen to the family :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Of course, core developers are always willing to help getting good packages inside the forge! :wink: