AD on raspberry?


The Building Arm team can not stay behind now NS7 alpha 3 is out.

And I have some good new’s:
Nethserver-base is already running and the openldap authentication (nethserver-directory) too.
A brief functional test shows SSSD seems to be working. :grinning:

nethserver-dc is build but doesn’t work (yet) :rage:
It’s a bully to build, on a PI samba takes about 2.5 hours to compile;
AFAIK samba is one of the few userspace programs which can be cross compiled so leads suggestion are more than welcome.

So let’s discus our priority’s, which functionality is most wanted ?
Give us your thoughts!

I think that I’d never run my AD auth server on a PI. :slight_smile:


No, i would not do that; nevertheless there is more and more nifty hardware out there:

And if the annapurna alpine soc makes it to mainline it should be possible to install nethserver on a bunch of nas’es of netgear, qnap and synology :slight_smile: as example (2 gigabite nic’s !)

@filippo_carletti, point taken, nethserver-dc is not a priority :slight_smile:

We can still arrange something for the ARM team on a different date :wink:

As stated by Filippo, I also think that AD on raspberry is not necessary for now, but it would make sense on more powerful hardware.
Maybe we can try to build it on CentOS or Fedora build system?
@davidep do you think is possible?

I heard they’re building the domain controller stuff on fedora 24… Let’s wait and see!

I agree, it was just for fun :grinning:
However, it is build and installs.

Bride is configured. Although there is a strange thing/proc/net/bonding does not exist. I think it is only used for the MAC in the web-gui, it thowsup an error running nethserver-config-network Strange thing is it does not exist on X86_64 either, but no errors over there…

nspawn container boots; it “hangs” at nethserver-dc-waitstart :confused:
It has a low priority, i think it fixable.


As expected an AD on a Raspberry PI is not feasible, even if the (not so reliable) storage on a SD card is disregarded;
It’s just to slow. :open_mouth:

nevertheless, as a proof of concept: