Nethserver on Raspberry Pi


Has anyone succeeded in installing NethServer on a Pi. Is it possible?


It’s not possible… Nethserver is x86_64 only.

Since the Raspberry 3 is out, we have some changes.
The new Raspberry is 64 bit, and CentOS has an alpha built for ARM64:

Still, no one has tried yet.

Edit: CentOS 7 image for ARM64: (source

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Before de Raspi 3, the maintream CentOS was on Raspi 2

Can we imagine a future Nethserver ARM compliant?
( at leat to put in the Nethmonitor ) :smiling_imp:


Are there parts of nethserver that would need to be compiled for Arm?

Or wait for the 64-bit version of this.


There is a raspberry 3 image but 32bit only for now…64 bit cooming soon…

Epel 7 repo from redsleeve:

i’m tryng this… the pi with little overclock @ 1.3ghz with samba, transmission, fail2ban and owncloud 9 works very well :smiley:


It does run on a rpi 2, athough it’s just a prove of concept.

It’s a band-aided setup running on redsleeve;
an rhel 7.1 arm derivative unfortunately compiled for armv5tel
@jackyes network configuration is working very quirky me, Nic’s have to brought up manually, how did you solve this?

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i’m not trying nethserver…i configure that package by hand…mmm

try to use This CentOS 7.2 image for raspberry Pi 2
To install nethserver you have run the normal procedure? tomorrow i will try on Rpi3 :sunglasses:

CentOS is missing a lot of packages,
next try would be fedora…

No not normal procedure, as said i’ts just a prove of concept

No problem with network configuration on Centos 7.2 on my Rpi3…


Guys you’re amazing! :smiley:

You are recompiling every package for the Arm architectur ?

Wow! You’re making @nrauso so happy! :heart_eyes_cat:

Mabey i’m missing some eth-tools -utils to get the by NS used ifup ifdown working;
Or just wait, IMO IFup IF down does not suite a modern distro (to put it polite).

Oh No
Nethserver packages are arch independent (noarch) containing basically 2/3 sections:

  • web-ui snippets (html, ccs, php, … and ohter web-stuf)
  • e-smit configuration layer: templates and scripts for configuration
    and creation/population the configuration databases (perl, bash, …)
  • dependencies: actual packages used (ie samba or dovecot) and some
    extra tools/libraries.

I was just curious if the e-smit configuration layer would work without huge adoptions. And it does :grinning: !
On redsleeve i had to gather/(re)build just a few packages and do some dirty :pensive: yum-repo configuration.
[root@nethpi ~]# ls /home/repo/7/local/arm/Packages/

the noarch and lsm (source files) come from NS repo’s,
python-simplejson, perl-Authen-PAM are built from fedora 22 source files

perl-Crypt-Cracklib is a hard nut to crack, and did not succeed (re)buidling… :rage:
found an arch- and perl-version compatible one in a obscure place on the internet:

Duc does not (out of the box) compile for arm
CentOS is missing mdadm no problem compiling that, it dependency libreport is another story… :cry:
(although you could argue if softraid is really needed on a pi…)

Mabey some on more knowledgeable does succeed :grinning: , i’m fairly new to the rhel family and don’t know how to set up a toolchain/crosscompiler for userspace packages.


It’s really intersting,
It would be fantastic if you write a documentation on your experimentations :smile:

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It’s way too early for documenting this proof of concept, everything to reproduce is up there.
I admit, on point’s attentional vague: it does not lead to a proper installation.
(The notes are quite chaotic too Started organized going through :confounded: :angry: :rage: :sweat: :grinning: :grin: :laughing: just rattled on keyboard and forgot to take notes… )

Nevertheless it shows it is worth putting effort/time in this ! :sweat_smile:

IMO we should try to resolve the basic (see list above) dependencies on CentOS 7.2 and go from there.

first severe hurdles:

  • perl-Crypt-Cracklib
  • mdadm & libreport

We could try to avoid using perl-Crypt-Cracklib even on x86_64.
Software RAID is probably not useful on RPi.
I’ll try to work on duc in the coming days.


We can ignore it, it is not used anymore! We can remove that dependency on the next ns7 release

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Apologies for hacking your post, got too exited it could work.
yes we tried!

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