Backuppc Installation HowTo

Great job @AbsyntH !
I want to try it asap.

Just a question on the fly: why I should prefer Backuppc to NethServer Backup module?

Thank you for contributing.

Take a look at this discussion: New module for centralized backup
The goal is to backup other systems ON NethServer and not NethServer itself

@sitz here i’ve only set up backuppc server, in a few days i’ll write an “upgrade” of this howto for done the backup of windows clients


This sounds very very interesting @AbsyntH and now I can show the scenario into my head.
Thank you.

i’m also looking at for bare metal restore of windows clients…stay tuned

Wow wow wow!!!
It you need someone to test just let me know.

do backuppc works with window servers?

@AbsyntH looking forward the windows client part! And windows server too

added windows client configuration ( basic steps, if you want also advanced configuration settings…read the backuppc manual )

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Oh man that’s a great howto now :wink:
I gonna try this last part asap

Michele…what about to do in the backuppc module a web page to redirect to the cygwin download and provide configuration files to backup window clients

Take a look to this howto

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@stephdl i’ll give a look in the afternoon :wink:

@stephdl give the download link it’s a good idea, but i don’t know if i want to give prebuilt configuration file for the client…too many variables that have to match , if we can not give something that is completely GUI based for client i prefer leave it configurable by users

Not sure it is destined to user usage, it is something to help the sysadmin, keep in mind that you need to give a password with user-name, it could be quickly a sensitive issue. Since My worse enemy is called Microsoft, I have not much time to give to the backup template of windows clients and some helps could be useful to save my time and test the backup settings(w8,w7,XP).

I have planned to offer a strong password with the IP of server in the template, and of course for security purpose, you should change it, or not.

so if the template is for sysadmin i think that the best way is to give a configuration file fully and in detail commented ( with best practices for pst / Exchange / shadow copy etc )

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I like it, it might be a helpful and a valuable contribution!

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Then michele it is needed help of windows sysadmin who can provide their configuration files… I can’t be helpful here.

But I agree with you

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