Member of the Month - April 2015

After sitz, this month I’m proud to appoint

Michele Bortolotto (@Absinth)

as Member of the Month (MoM) - April 2015
Thanks to his huge work on community and since he was around here from the beginning, helping
people, proposing new features and writing good stuff!

He’s our HowToMaster, HowTo Team coordinator and author of awesome HowTos like this

or proposal like this

He’s also a Regular Member

Thanks @AbsyntH you’re making this community a better place, your name is already there:

Interview with @AbsyntH

As I’m used to doing, I chatted with @absinth about some stuff and this is the result :smile:

Ok, starting from the beginning. Who’s Absinth?
(You do not see it but actually I’m in my underwear)

So Michele Bortolotto AKA |AbsyntH| first of all is a father of tree little daemons…@stephdl could you write a plugin to stop them ? …something like …

#include <unistd.h>
 unsigned sleep(28800); 

i’ve lived many changes and challenges in my life, not all were pleasant but you know that’s life and we live with dignity and style…and a lot of beer :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you have bumped into NethServer and why this passion?

i saw nethserver spammed in a group of old and ugly unix admins…in that time i was looking for something that would simplify some tasks of my work, aggregating them in a comfortable interface, i joined the developers in their irc channel ( AbsyntH exists on irc from about 15 years…it’s my second home) and i found a team of people friendly and sociable where i can spend good time chatting and developing new ideas

What do you think about NethServer Community? What could work better and what do you like more?

Nethserver is a growing community, there’s many work to do to increase the number of members, but we are on the right way, people are giving every day new suggestions and we find new feature and of course new bugs(that’s good because we not want find them on production, right? )…but the community’s path is a work in progress so we have just to follow it see where it’s leading us

You’re Member of the April 03/2015, do you have any advice for new or regular member?

to the regular members no, but to the developer team just one: please block to @alefattorini the meme generator site :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re a smart sysadmin, why a sysadmin should work on NethServer? What’s good on this?

you know there are many way to be a “sysadmin” you can find the one that wants to use only CLI … or another that is GUI addicted…i really not have any advice for no one… i wish they just join the community and help us to make every day a better work…because i think that the good will emerge ( -Ud world ) if we work together

Do you have any plans for the future? You’re working everyday on new stuff… any preview?

Yes i’d like to add bind9 and a webUI to manage it , for improve the dns section that is a bit “thin”, after when @davidep will release the 7 i’ll set up something for Docker, and also something really beautiful will be have a possibility to share the ldap tree through many nethserver to have for ex. a samba domain in the lan with vpn,firewall and so on and an MX on a vps provider with all user synced