Backuppc Installation HowTo


(Michele Bortolotto) #1

Hi Ppl!
This is a fast&dirty installation of Backuppc (afterwards i’ll write a simple configuration howto)

LOOKOUT: if you plan to install Backuppc using the (that’s the best way now) you have to jump directly on the client configuration part of this howto and DO NOT use the installation one

Before start of course the manual

Let’s go:

  1. Install prerequisites for NethServer:

    yum install nethserver-httpd -y`

  2. Install and disable additional repos (to prevent unwanted updates):

    rpm -ihv
    sed -i ‘s/enabled=1/enabled=0/’ /etc/yum.repos.d/epel.repo

  3. Proceede with installation:

    yum --enablerepo=epel install backuppc

  4. Define new services according to NethServer default (see developer manual)

    config set backuppc
    service status enabled

    mkdir -p /etc/e-smith/db/configuration/defaults/backuppc
    echo “service” > /etc/e-smith/db/configuration/defaults/backuppc/type
    echo “enabled” > /etc/e-smith/db/configuration/defaults/backuppc/status

  5. Signal new services :

    signal-event runlevel-adjust

  6. Add extra sudoers :

    mkdir -p /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/etc/sudoers

and create the /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/etc/sudoers/60backuppc file

Defaults:backuppc    !lecture
backuppc ALL=NOPASSWD:/bin/gtar,/bin/tar

and then run

  signal-event nethserver-base-update
  1. Edit with your favourite editor /etc/httpd/conf.d/BackupPC.conf :

    Change Allow from to all

    Allow from all

  2. Set the password for backuppc user :

    htpasswd -c /etc/BackupPC/apache.users backuppc

  3. Edit with your favourite editor /etc/BackupPC/ and add backuppc user to the admin CGI config:

    $Conf{CgiAdminUsers} = ‘backuppc’;

  4. Restart httpd service and backuppc service

    service httpd restart
    service backuppc restart

  5. Login into the backuppc webpage ( using User: backuppc , Passwd : $yourpassword )


Extra Config Settings

a) set mail advisory if something goes wrong (in the main file)

  1. Full path to the sendmail command. Security caution: normal users
    should not allowed to write to this file or directory.

    $Conf{SendmailPath} = ‘/usr/sbin/sendmail’;

  2. Name to use as the “from” name for email

    $Conf{EMailFromUserName} = ’ put you user here ';

  3. Destination address to an administrative user who will receive a
    nightly email with warnings and errors. If there are no warnings
    or errors then no email will be sent

    $Conf{EMailAdminUserName} = ’ put your admin here ';

4)`Destination domain name for email sent to users

$Conf{EMailUserDestDomain} = ' @FQDN ';

SetUp Windows Clients

A) On Windows Client

  1. Download and Install on your windows client the installer on

  2. Go to C:\rsyncd and edit rsyncd.conf

where :
" auth users = " is the user on windows that can read on the path ( you have to set usr:psw also in the rsyncd.secrets file )

                 "hosts allow =  " is the ip adress of Nethserver
  1. Then restart RsyncServer on windows services

after that open the port 873 on windows firewall

B) On Nethserver

  1. log into the backuppc webpage

  2. add the windows host on “Edit Hosts”


Host is ip or netbios/fqdn(mandatory when dhcp is flagged)of the windows machine
Dhcp flagged if the clients have a dinamic ip address
user is the user on backuppc webpage that can browse the backup

  1. Save and on the Admin Option page reload server configuration

4)Select your client on the New Drop Down Menu under Host category

  1. On Edit Confi Page of the client select :

On Xfer : rsyncd method , flag override on both client charset and put " cp1252 " ,
On Rsyncd : path,user and password that you have setted on windows client

  1. Save and on the Admin Option page reload server configuration

Now you can start your first full backup :smiley:

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(Stéphane de Labrusse) #2

A typo

yum --enablerepo=ok,epel install backuppc
Should be


I don’t think you need yet a service entry but if you plan to make a rpm that will be needed in the apache configuration.

After the installation are you able to do backups on remote computers throught smb and rsync ???

(Michele Bortolotto) #3

enablerepo edited :wink:

the service’s registration was made just for keep it in the “nethserver way”

i’ll work to the backup config(and howto) on these days, but i’ve already one(rsync over ssh) in production with 5 ubuntu servers and also a tar on a dat :wink:

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #4

Nice…once the howto is done it is easier to make a module…that’s just code

(Michele Bortolotto) #5

yep , here there are all the dependecies (also the ones of httpd)

(Michele Bortolotto) #6

just some edits & improvements :wink:

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #7

Maybe something missing, the backuppc user is not member of the sudoers, I find some tutorials where they talked about this requirement

But for now I have not tested.

(Michele Bortolotto) #8

mmm it’s for tar usage…probably we need to create a sudo policy, i’ll edit the howto

(Alessio Fattorini) #9

@AbsyntH amazing howto man :smiley: you’re doing a good job here!
Want to install it very soon and I’ll let you how this is going

(Roberto Sitzia) #10

Great job @AbsyntH !
I want to try it asap.

Just a question on the fly: why I should prefer Backuppc to NethServer Backup module?

Thank you for contributing.

(Alessio Fattorini) #11

Take a look at this discussion: New module for centralized backup
The goal is to backup other systems ON NethServer and not NethServer itself

(Michele Bortolotto) #12

@sitz here i’ve only set up backuppc server, in a few days i’ll write an “upgrade” of this howto for done the backup of windows clients

(Roberto Sitzia) #13

This sounds very very interesting @AbsyntH and now I can show the scenario into my head.
Thank you.

(Michele Bortolotto) #14

i’m also looking at for bare metal restore of windows clients…stay tuned

(Roberto Sitzia) #15

Wow wow wow!!!
It you need someone to test just let me know.

Nethserver-BackupPC, need tests
(Jose "Martin" Abeleira. AKA Marto) #16

do backuppc works with window servers?

(Alessio Fattorini) #17

@AbsyntH looking forward the windows client part! And windows server too

(Michele Bortolotto) #18

added windows client configuration ( basic steps, if you want also advanced configuration settings…read the backuppc manual )

(Alessio Fattorini) #19

Oh man that’s a great howto now :wink:
I gonna try this last part asap

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #20

Michele…what about to do in the backuppc module a web page to redirect to the cygwin download and provide configuration files to backup window clients

Take a look to this howto