Automatic notification of updates

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Do you mean something like this?

could the right part of the page be included into a div or an iframe?

I mean… if I scroll alla the page to the bottom (long enough page) I loose mail menu

this is valid for log viewer page too… and, IRRC, there should be already an issue open about it

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You can also install yum-cron package and configure it to send mail notifications (see /etc/sysconfig/yum-cron).

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done already… :smile:

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and I’d say that yum-cron should be part of the core and automagically configured…

I think that people doesn’t connect to GUI every day (in my case, neither every month)…
server should keep admin informed sending an email about available updates.

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I’m seeing a few issues in that approach, what happens in case connection doesn’t work?
A long queue of outgoing email?


I guess that email stack is the most used stack in NS… so, if I (admin/root) start to see no mail coming from my server… I know something is wrong
and we’re talking about smal emails, so even a big queue will be emptied in a small amount of time

finally, regardless mail stack installed or not, root MUST always reveive (and eventually forward) emails… so, at the end, I can’t get the point of your comment :smile:

Since we are in “Support” section, I’d add a gold rule: always forward admin/root emails to a “live” email address and you, root, use a bit of your time every day, to read them…

my 2€c

Just went to the NS7 servers I maintain to find out that I have to log into the admin interface and open the software center to be able to see if new updates are available.

I do second the remark by @Stefano_Zamboni that such email notification should be standard and automagically configured. It is a pain to log in on a daily basis when this could be so much easier with a simple mail message. If the backup module allows for such a feature (love it when I see that SUCCESS mail each day…), why not software center?

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Complex approach…
Case 1, NethServer is hosting email service. Maybe some tool equivalent to apticron could do the trick
Case 2, NethServer won’t host in any case an email server, but only other things (web, NextCloud, firewall, network service… whatever). How could be the right approach in this case?

As I stated some time ago in this thread Automatic Update notification
I use yum-cron and it works fine. I also think that an automatic notification should be standard.
IMO to have your software always up to date is a matter of security nowadays.



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