Authentik-SSO App for Nethserver 8

After Attempting a Migration into Nethserver 8 hee: Nethserve r7 to Ns8 Migration, With external AD - Support - NethServer Community

And failing to achieve the same due to not being able to connect to my NS7 AD instance from NS8, i resolved to migrate the Entire AD to NS8. then All other NS7 servers currently running other soluitons as well.

The problem was, I am using LLNG for SSO user Authentication, and because of this, Migrating the Entire AD seemed like an unlikely choice.

I opted to Build an SSO Module, Based on Authentik

  • This would allow me to Deploy a New NS8 instance that would serve as the AD server.
  • MIgrate my AD to the new NS8 instance
  • Install the SSO module, connect all apps i am using SSO with to the new SSO platform,
  • Migrate the other NS7 Instances to NS8 with being connected to the

Why Authentik? Because from face value, it seemed like an easy Implementation, and Boy was i Wrong.
HEre is the Module Repo: compgeniuses/ns8-goauthentik: NEthserver 8 Module for authetik (

There are 2 Branches Mainly: main AND certgen

Each can be installed via

for main

add-module 1


for certgen
add-module 1

From the MAin branch, the module install correctly, configures and even starts all the services,

Accessing the url of the configured modules, gives me a bad gateway error.

Digging through the logs, I couldn’t help but notice the following error persisting.

2024-02-10T09:57:49+03:00 [1:goauthentik10:goauthentik-app] {"app_name": "authentik.crypto", "event": "Failed to run reconcile", "exc": "ProgrammingError('relation \"authentik_crypto_certificatekeypair\" does not exist\\nLINE 1: ...hentik_crypto_certificatekeypair\".\"key_data\" FROM \"authentik...\\n                                                             ^')", "level": "warning", "logger": "authentik.blueprints.apps", "name": "managed_jwt_cert", "pid": 2, "timestamp": "2024-02-10T06:57:49.610196"}
2024-02-10T09:57:49+03:00 [1:goauthentik10:goauthentik-pgsql] 2024-02-10 06:57:49.612 UTC [24] ERROR:  relation "authentik_crypto_certificatekeypair" does not exist at character 22
2024-02-10T09:57:49+03:00 [1:goauthentik10:goauthentik-pgsql] 2024-02-10 06:57:49.612 UTC [24] STATEMENT:  SELECT 1 AS "a" FROM "authentik_crypto_certificatekeypair" WHERE "authentik_crypto_certificatekeypair"."name" = 'authentik Self-signed Certificate' LIMIT 1
2024-02-10T09:57:49+03:00 [1:goauthentik10:goauthentik-pgsql] 2024-02-10 06:57:49.657 UTC [24] ERROR:  relation "authentik_outposts_outpost" does not exist at character 257
2024-02-10T09:57:49+03:00 [1:goauthentik10:goauthentik-app] {"app_name": "authentik.outposts", "event": "Failed to run reconcile", "exc": "ProgrammingError('relation \"authentik_outposts_outpost\" does not exist\\nLINE 1: ..._id\", \"authentik_outposts_outpost\".\"_config\" FROM \"authentik...\\n                                                             ^')", "level": "warning", "logger": "authentik.blueprints.apps", "name": "embedded_outpost", "pid": 2, "timestamp": "2024-02-10T06:57:49.657862"}

After reading Some documentations on Authentik, I notice i am supposed to provide some certificates.
THis is what PRompted me to Implement a Second branch, that Implements the certificate generation, as well as Importing the certificates into authentik using the ak commands.

After numerous varied attemtps, i kept getting this error in logs

2024-02-10T10:19:39+03:00 [1:goauthentik11:goauthentik-app] {"event": "Enabled authentik enterprise", "level": "info", "logger": "authentik.lib.config", "timestamp": 1707549579.569877}
2024-02-10T10:19:42+03:00 [1:goauthentik11:goauthentik-app] {"event": "Loaded GeoIP database", "last_write": 1706549214.0, "level": "info", "logger": "", "pid": 2, "timestamp": "2024-02-10T07:19:42.131885"}
2024-02-10T10:19:43+03:00 [1:goauthentik11:goauthentik-pgsql] 2024-02-10 07:19:43.704 UTC [24] ERROR:  relation "authentik_crypto_certificatekeypair" does not exist at character 367
2024-02-10T10:19:43+03:00 [1:goauthentik11:goauthentik-pgsql] 2024-02-10 07:19:43.712 UTC [24] ERROR:  relation "authentik_crypto_certificatekeypair" does not exist at character 22
2024-02-10T10:19:43+03:00 [1:goauthentik11:goauthentik-pgsql] 2024-02-10 07:19:43.712 UTC [24] STATEMENT:  SELECT 1 AS "a" FROM "authentik_crypto_certificatekeypair" WHERE "authentik_crypto_certificatekeypair"."name" = 'authentik Self-signed Certificate' LIMIT 1
2024-02-10T10:19:43+03:00 [1:goauthentik11:goauthentik-app] {"app_name": "authentik.crypto", "event": "Failed to run reconcile", "exc": "ProgrammingError('relation \"authentik_crypto_certificatekeypair\" does not exist\\nLINE 1: SELECT 1 AS \"a\" FROM \"authentik_crypto_certificatekeypair\" W...\\n                             ^')", "level": "warning", "logger": "authentik.blueprints.apps", "name": "self_signed", "pid": 2, "timestamp": "2024-02-10T07:19:43.712874"}
2024-02-10T10:19:43+03:00 [1:goauthentik11:goauthentik-pgsql] 2024-02-10 07:19:43.787 UTC [24] ERROR:  relation "authentik_outposts_outpost" does not exist at character 257
2024-02-10T10:19:43+03:00 [1:goauthentik11:goauthentik-pgsql] 2024-02-10 07:19:43.787 UTC [24] STATEMENT:  SELECT "authentik_outposts_outpost"."managed", "authentik_outposts_outpost"."uuid", "authentik_outposts_outpost"."name", "authentik_outposts_outpost"."type", "authentik_outposts_outpost"."service_connection_id", "authentik_outposts_outpost"."_config" FROM "authentik_outposts_outpost" WHERE ("authentik_outposts_outpost"."managed" = '' AND "authentik_outposts_outpost"."name" = 'authentik Embedded Outpost') ORDER BY "authentik_outposts_outpost"."uuid" ASC LIMIT 1

At the moment, I have no idea on how to resolve the errors and issues being faced, and how to geth the said product to work as a NS8 Module

I would be Happy to take an PR that resolves the errors in the module, but at the moment, ill just leave it at that with tag (not Enough Experience)

IF anyone in @dev_team would be willing to take a look, i would be glad.But as it is, Back to Square 1


I believe you are the most experienced independent community member regarding NS8 modules.

Note to self: Complete guide to Nextcloud SAML authentication with Authentik · Jack Henschel's Blog


I am Happy to Announce we Have a working Version of Authentik App for Nethserver 8.


add-module 1

After Installing Configure Hostname on App Setting Page.

then Visit:
You must Append if/flow/initial-setup/ to your configured hostname to first setup the App.

A Login Page will be presented to you.

You should be automatically LoggedIn after entering your details

You can Launch your Admin Dashboard

Setup your first provider

I would be happy for your finings in the setup of the app,s test test test.

Most importantly, backup and restore, Migration and clone


User: akadmin
Password: Whatever you chose

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Is there somebody who can do a quick howto on Authentik and SOGo (SAML2 or other protocol?) please?

@stephdl it seems a few SAML2 SOGo variables have to be set in the SOGo environment. Anypointers hwo to set parameters in general please? Thanks!


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@LayLow have you successfully linked your Nethserver ldap to the authenkik?

No, no idea actually, but trying :slight_smile:

Seems we are in the same boat. been figuring things out. I though LemonLdap NG was the complex one to setup.

Anyway, the success of this project gives me confidence to work on something cool i have wanted to play with…

actually we have no environment variable mainly because I decided to build myself the container and it does not have environment variable, everything is build from a configuration file that I expand before to start the container

so the question is what parameter you want to introduce

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@LayLow why would you prefer Saml over something like OIDC for the same, isn’t Saml heavy on config requirements?

Especially the keys exchange.

I understand OIDC also has PKCE, but hey…

Because (at least to the best of my knowledge) SOGo doesn’t support OIDC, but it does support SAML.

Very much so. But if it’s the only SSO protocol supported by that app, it kind of limits the options.


yeah sure thing, and its interesting that SAML is considered more “corporatey”

If you’re a global corporation, then you have operations in Europe.
OIDC can be used on any web site supporting it, in other words, using a corporate ID for a publically available web site.
I do not think this is legal in parts of Europe…
And security wise, this is opening up info about the organizational operations to any Tom, Dick and Harry, a boon for any hacker!

My 2 cents

What would be the LDAP URI of the NS8 domain instance? Under HTTPS routes I see:

HTTP route details

Skip certificate validation
Strip URL path prefix
Request Let's Encrypt certificate
NodeNode 1
Traefik instancetraefik1

But using in Authenic does not work. Also the VPN Network
:20088 is not accepted as a correct URL


Does it mean we need to get import Ldapproxy from agent.ldapproxy SMH?

But then again with authetik, I have seen nowhere to define ldap parameters in a config or env.

Anyone with idea on this?

Left admin menu → Directory → Federation and Social login → Create → LDAP Source


I meant from the internal pre-login config

Being able to, similar to how ejabberd and other Nethserver tools detect and define ldap. Doing the same with Authetik as well.

Sorry, not familiar with that. For now I guess Authentik want’s the correct URL (reachable LDAP) either local in/on the cluster or remote LDAP

Could you or did you try to define. or using with :389/636

Allow me attempt some things tonight and revert with possible solution.

Tried, but no luck. Obviously is WITHIN the authentik container… But also using the FQDN does not work