Zimbra as collab server


Just going to try my luck for a feature request :smile:

I have no arguements on SOGo (which I have briefly tested) and on WebTop, which I never heard before last week (but upon checking, it looks promising…actually looks like Outlook). No problem with those…its just that there’s this feeling of being able to work with the one I work with now so easily. Actually, its more of adjustments, adjustments, adjustments…afraid of change? Perhaps.

I was actually rooting for Zimbra. It is one of those on top when we speak about Exchange replacement (along with Zarafa). Do we see any possibility of Zimbra being integrated to NS? My Zimbra installation is boasting of over 500GB of mailbox data with some accounts reaching 30GB (which is also a concern) so I’m pretty sure it scales well (I also have a post looking for a replacement with easy backup/restore capabilities).

Our groupware could be smoothly integrated with NethServer Framework and services, otherwise Zimbra wants manage itself:

Well, Zimbra do play well with CentOS so I think there will be no problem with NS. I’m considering closely the backup/restore (DR actually) of Zimbra implementation. BTW, my experience with Zimbra is with Ubuntu :slight_smile: but I have seen instructions for CentOS install. I’m not really sure in CentOS but important files should reside in /opt.

I’ll try this this week or maybe nextweek.

Thanks @alefattorini for shedding light of hope on the possibility.

Sure, let me know about your tests.

The point is always the same: Microsoft Outlook connectivity.
Zimbra (Community Edition) only permit to connect Outlook via IMAP so user loose calendar, address book ecc. server side managed.
Zimbra Network Edition (by payment) give customers the possibility to install Outlook connector to complete the integration.

Microsoft Outlook is bad? Maybe yes but maybe not.
Facts reporting that Outlook is still largely used in enterprise, often it is a requiriment due to ERP, CRM ecc. needs.

So what we need is a groupware that can supports Outlook connectivity without limitations.

I’d agree, but we must focus on anything that is Centos/NS compliant…

I mean: either zimbra and zarafa rely on custom daemons… that need many changes in NS and could lead to conflicts…

IMVVHO, if you (generally speaking) want/need Zimbra, you must install it on a plain Centos install and live with it (at least, if possible, use NS users)

moreover, using anything different from some proprietary payed sw will reduce outlook at a bare (and often non standard) email client…

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nice to hear good insights. point taken regarding outlook. what’s important
for me presently is a working mail system with backup (no or minimal
interruption)/restore function …my users presently are contented
accessing via webmail.

that is for my installation, its very different from others. in ways,
Zimbra does have its own client which connects contacts and calendars as
well. there’s also browser extensions which offers offline access, I’ve
seen it prompt on my 8.+ installation but i’ved not used it.

I’ve also read somewhere in this forum (pardon me, I’m replying via email)
that openchange is not yet implemented.

thanks zamboni.

its a long shot I know, hope I did no harm in trying (to request). As I’ve
said, SOGo’s good (and again the other one which looks very much like
outlook, again, I’m replying via mail) and worked well in my tests but some
are really afraid of change :slight_smile: or work out of their comfort zones if
possible and I’m guilty of being one.

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I’m scared by everything you need to install on the client. I’m scared by the clients, their OS, their stability, their crashes, etc. I’d prefer to move everything on the server, where I have full control even form remote. But I know there are phones, etc.
The more you move software to the client, the more you have problems. Outlook + plugins seems a potential nightmare, but I don’t have direct experience.
A client is a must for offline use, but the world is going always online.


@filippo_carletti thanks. might be the same sentiments the management and
previous IT has. As I’ve said earlier, my users are so used to access
mails via browser/webmail. :slight_smile:

But the online is not yet interactive as an installed software client as far as I saw till now.
For the rest I’m agree with you @filippo_carletti

@alefattorini, sure I will :wink:

Forgot to provide the link I mentioned before (quoted above):
Openchange and Outlook MAPI Exchange compatibility

Zimbra did finish installing, however, it took forever to load. I’m not sure if its how the way I set up the server. My test have 2GB, but when I setup zimbra, something’s eating out the RAM, I have a feeling it has something to do with amavisd but I never bothered to look deeply.

I would also like to share that I can not access Zimbra’s admin console (port 7071). I even opened the port on (NS) firewall by creating a service and allow the traffic to pass through.

In short, it was no joy so better stick with SOGo if you are planning on Zimbra (like me), atleast at this stage.