Yum install kills networking

NethServer Version: latest release
Module: base

I’m running CentOS 7.1 and used yum repo install and it kills my networking every time, effectively killing my server. This is a VM.

I have done this headless and with KVM (on CentOS 7) and networking dies everytime, when headless, I’m no longer able to access the server, when KVM, I can’t get networking to function correctly, making both my eth0 and eth1 unusable.

Using the ISO install also fails on the networking front.

I’m new to neth and relatively green on CentOS network configs, so I don’t know where to begin.

Not sure if I understand the question correct, but did you set the IP to manual and specified it during install ? If not, you will have DHCP address, and it could have changed. I use Proxmox KVM and that works flawless. Do you have any errors or logs that might help here ?

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Hello @cristian,

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NethServer uses DHCP at first configuration, if there is no DHCP is used:


Here is a step by step guide including network config: