XMPP clients (3 packages requested: Converse + JSXC + Movim)

It is possible to have packages for:

Which one of the XMPP clients is the better one?

There’s Riot.im too, here’s a howto

Here’s a howto about openfire and inverse, the openfire converse plugin.

This should work easily in a vhost:

This should work in a vhost too.


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1/ XMPP uses less HDD and less memory.

2/ All 3 seperate XMPP clients for ejabberd in 3 vhosts, really easy and for all people.

I’d like to start with one client and then maybe think about an alternative. I think it’s not good to build 3 modules and then maybe drop 2 because they’re not needed.
I’d opt for Riot because we already have an howto but I don’t really know the other clients that’s why I asked

As regards movim it’s just a PHP site with database so I recommend using the virtualhost module. I assume there’s no Nethserver specific preconfiguration needed so it’s not worth the effort to make a package for movim now.

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All of these are not hard to add in NethServer packages.

Admins/Users can use easily :slight_smile:

Then what’s stopping you?