WSUS ON NethServer


(EnzoC) #1

This morning I found this “nitrobit update server”
Does anyone know an alternative to the wsus ON linux server?
Or are these settings good for your experience?

How to configure Nethserver for WSUS?
(devfx11) #2

You could test it and tell us also about it :slight_smile:
I will be setting up a new Nethserver soon and i will try to test with squid.
If time permits i will test and report back if others dont do it before me.

(EnzoC) #3

Unfortunately it has really prohibitive costs, as well as not being updated, as someone else said in the forum.

Unfortunately I could not create a folder with the correct permissions in nethserver and on the windows client I “authorization denied”

Looks good, but it’s not up to date from 2014

Now I’m downloading OPSI VM and try it

(EnzoC) #4

Some time ago I had tried this add on for ipcop, it seemed to work fine

If you look at screenshots you make an idea

(Michael Kicks) #7

Also IPFire (an Ip Cop fork) use the same kind of extension.

(Filippo Carletti) #8

Squid on NethServer comes pre-configured with the windows update recommended settings from the official wiki (see above).
AFAIK, Windows Updates are cached by default, no need to do anything.

Prevent downloading windows updates
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(Saito Benkei) #10

WSUS is more than a “Windows Update Download Accelerator”:

(Michael Kicks) #11

@saitobenkei got the point about WSUS, it has plenty more function that bandwidth optimization tool.

Into last month the Microsoft strategy about updates changed from single patches to comulative updates, which often are bigger than 100mb.
Unfortunately i cannot recall and link a official Microsoft news/statement/notice on Technet about this update policy.