WP2-Enterprise with Nethserver 7 - any updates or instructions? Possible to auth users via AD? LDAP?

NethServer Version: 7

Hi I was read an old thread related to a Nethserver FreeRadius module:

Thread: Nethserver-freeradius integration module
Github for module: https://github.com/areguera/nethserver-7-freeradius

But it appears that the development died off with the thread ~2 years ago.

I’ve searched the docs for WPA2, Freeradius, Radius, etc. but no results.

Has anyone using Nethserver been able to get WP2-Ent / Freeradius working for wifi user authentication with the AD (Samba?) or LDAP (OpenLDAP?) bundled with Nethserver?

Thank you

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Perhaps the following thread could clarify some things:

You recommend captive portal for corporate users who are primarily connected by WIFI?

I could see using captive portal for guest network or for allowing vendors to access the WAN (after authenticating who their site contact/sponsor is through a captifve portal).

I don’t recommend it, I found only this post, but perhaps @giacomo can explain some things.