Will these be NS-modules?

I’ve read that in former versions of NS some more modules were available.
I’m looking to install

  • phpmyadmin

  • nagios

  • transmission (torrents)

Will the come available as module when NS7 final is released?
Or can I install them using yum with standard rpm’s?

EDIT: OK, found phpmyadmin at stephdl-repo.

on the roadmap


As far I know there is no version of Nagios for CentOS 7, am I wrong @nrauso @giacomo?

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released in my repo

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I just installed nethserver-transmission but was unable to login as admin. Had to add and use other users.
Is there a problem with the (defunct) admin user?
If the answer is no then the problem exist between the keyboard and chair. :sweat_smile:

For now you need to create the user admin and set a password. then use the login ‘admin@YourDomain.com’ and the relevant password

Soon we will use the default user administrator whatever the account provider used. Keep me in touch if you cannot use the user ‘admin’ or for any other potential bugs.

EDIT: you hit a first bug, the documentation is not clear enough -> http://wiki.nethserver.org/doku.php?id=module:transmission


tried to do a bit of documentation -> http://wiki.nethserver.org/doku.php?id=module:transmission


You’re working hard man! Just added your page here:

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In the final release, I’d like to put at least these modules in the Release Announcement

  • SOGo
  • phpldapadmin
  • nethserver-savapage
  • nethserver-moodle
  • Nethserver-php-scl
  • nethserver-phpsettings
  • nethserver-urbackup ?
  • nethserver-fail2ban
  • nethserver-ddclient

Which others are ready for 7 yet? Which of them need extensive testing?
@stephdl @robb @mark_nl and the @dev_team


The ARM support?


For SOGo authentication, especially against external providers need extensive testing.

Over Christmas I’ll build a NS7-RC3 ARM-repository, if all goes well it could be in the release announcement.
For ARM we have to consider some limitations. Although technically not impossible running a SAMBA AD is rather changeling on limited resources.

@denis.robel do you think we can include the web filter modules for arm? Are there arm/architecture dependent problems I can help with?


I’m working on nethserver-phpPgAdmin, nice tools :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s fair to me :slight_smile: Just be clear about such limitations

Oooohhhhh NICE!
You know SavaPage uses PostgreSQL!.. This might come in handy managing the SavaPage database.

moodle is in Nethforge-testing repository. (anyone care to help testing?)

nethserver-savapage is in pre alpha stage. Besides it has a lot of dependencies, creating rpm’s is an absolute new thing for me. I probably will bug @stephdl and @davidep a lot the coming weeks… :smiling_imp:


you can include the web filter modules. They should compile well.
At the moment only custom filters are working on my system but this could be an issue on my system only.

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