Nagios for NethServer 7

Continuing the discussion from Will these be NS-modules?:

yum search gives an older version of nagios. I’ve installed nagios from source (latest version) succesfully.

do you mean that you compiled it? if so, bad choice and wrong approach on a package based distro… and a pain to maintain…

the package provided is almost 2 years old…

well… you’d find (and google is full of examples and guides) how to create your own rpm, believe me… maybe a bit hard at the beginning, but you’ll save a lot of issue and problems in the future…

OK, didn’t know that’s an option to prevent problems. I’ll look into that maybe.

which version of nagios are we talking about?

(from my memory, not possible to check mu server:) rpm provided was 4.0.8 (dec 2014) , and I installed current, 4.2.2 .

start from here:

adapt it to centos 7

use a test machine… when it works, transfer the rpm on your NS and install using yum install path_to_rpm

if you rebuild it with -ba switch you’ll create both the rpm and the src.rpm

HTH and welcome in the wonderful word of rpms :wink: