Will Nextcloud be updaetd on Nethserver version 7.9.2009?

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: 27.1.6

Hello @support_team ,

I have my Nextcloud running on my Nethserver. I have fully updated both Nethserver and Nextcloud to the latest versions.

Are there plans to upgrade Nextcloud to version 28 on Nethserver 7? Or will I need to move to Nethserver 8 in order to use future versions of Nextcloud?

Thank you.

My Assumption is that, whatever version that needs to be running on NS8, is what would also be required to be running on NS7 as well, for the purpose of migration.

I am not sure if nexxtcloud 27 running on ns7 will migrtae to nextcloud 28 on NS8.

Hopefuuly we could get Nextcloud 28 on NS7 but i am guessing it will be the last version, and this will be maintained throught, potentiall for the entire year, till all users have migrated to NS8, before NS8 nextcloud can be upgraded, but these are all my assumptions

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Thanks @oneitonitram for your comments and insight. I’m hoping as well that we can see at least one more upgrade of Nextcloud on Nethserver 7 to give more time for testing/bugs to be worked out on Nethserver 8. I look forward to moving to Nethserver 8 but I have a lot of apps my office relies on in Nethserver (Mail, Domain Controller, ejabberd, Nextcloud, file sharing) so I want to give time for Nethserver 8 to be really stable before I upgrade and move.

Hopefully, @support_team can step in to confirm this for us.


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All these apps, fortunately are supported for migration.

you should be able to do a migration to ns8

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While I will test the migration to Nethserver 8, I will wait till Nethserver 8 is out of Beta before I move our office to using it full time. :slight_smile:

If you are running Nethserver 8, do you still get a PHP version 8 error on Nextcloud? In my Nextcloud running on Nethserver 7 I still see this PHP version error.

I’m Looking forward to Nethserver 8!

its actually not in better, its RC, and should be release ready soon. Current iteration · NethServer 8 (github.com)

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I must have missed that announcement then…I was reading this post from 5 days ago that said it was still in Beta.

and thats for nethsecurity not nethserver

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Yikes! You’re correct. I don’t know how I missed that. Thanks for pointing this out to me.

But I’m still curious if someone from @support_team can comment on my original question regardinng the future updates of Nextcloud on Nethserver 7. Thanks!