Wifi Interface / Gateway


(Mark Edworthy) #1

I have installed NethServer on a local server, this server uses a wifi interface (wlan0) to connect to the Internet but once I have installed Nethserver and added the ip / gateway / dns info, I can’t access the WPA information.

I have had a look at the /etc directory and found that there is no wpa_supplicant directory. Also wlan0 needs to be set as the external network (red network interface).

Until I get wlan0 working, this server will not have external / Internet access.

The wifi adapter is an usb RT5370 - Ralink Technology Corp.

(Filippo Carletti) #2

I think we never tested wan connection using a wifi interface.
Probably we’re missing some parts of the configuration.
Could you please try following CentOS instructions?
You’ll need to install wpa_supplicant:

yum install wpa_supplicant

If you report success, we could file an issue and try to implement a new feature.

(Mark Edworthy) #3

Seeing that I can’t get this server to connect to the Internet, I am thinking that I will have to download CentOS v6.6 DVD and add it to the repository list or is there a copy of the rpms on the Nethserver disto disk?

After thinking about this, it might be easer to install a minimum CentOS and then install Nethserver.

A bit of a catch-22 situation – Can’t access the Internet due to minimum WPA infrastructure and can’t install the infrastructure due to no way of downloading the software (at least on this server)!

(Filippo Carletti) #4

Beware that CentOS minimal CD doesn’t contain wpa_supplicant.
You’ll need the full dvd. Then you could probably follow this blog post:

(Mark Edworthy) #5

Thanks, I have started the DVD download about 10mins ago.

(Mark Edworthy) #6

I have just succesfully installed wpa access by mounting the DVD iso and modifing CentOS-Media.repo (then installing wireless-tools, wpa_supplicant and dbus)

Only problem with William Caba’s instructions is that ifcfg.wlan0 does not mention anything about gateways and that the resolve.conf (/etc/sysconfig/networking/profiles/default/resolv.conf) need to have a nameserver (either 1st or 2nd DNS) to be pointing to the router / gateway IP.