Why "in the Forge" and not "in the NS" as before

sogo-frontends should be updated, tested and rebuilt for ns7.

You see, sogo is now in the Forge and I’m searching for someone who wants to maintain it along with sogo-frontends and nethserver-sogo-thunderbird.

There are some docs to read, a few commands to learn and updates feed to watch. Please step in! :blush:

Ok! I can wait! :wink:

Frankly, I have no idea what are you talking about! :confused:

Another stupid question: why “in the Forge” and not “in the NS” as before?
It’s temporary till will be ready or will be permanent?
And what is “forge” in this context? It’s a “place” for something that is not finished yet?

Please, don’t laugh at me! Don’t forget that I’m learning something new each time!

With gratitude,

Well the NethForge is a YUM repository, now enabled by default on NS7. From my point of view the biggest difference between packages from the (let’s call so) Core and packages from the Forge is the latter are not officially supported by Nethesis for their products. Thus the new repository for sogo is not temporary: it reflects the company choice to support WebTop as groupware.

I worked hard to provide packages.nethserver.org to this community, in the effort of implementing an open development process. I hope developers will choose the Forge to distribute their packages.

I think the @quality_team is here to help developers on verifying what is published is good, no matter what repository will serve it.


Hi Davide,

Thank you for your answer.

I think through your clarifications, we received some news about the future of NethServer.

Kind regards,