Why I don't see ownCloud on NethServer 7 beta?

While looking for some kind of solution for our churchs’ needs I stumbled across nethserver. I’ve tried ClearOS and running proxmox with pfsense for a firewall and centos as the server, Zentyal, you name it. Yours seems to be the one that really fits our needs but I saw somewhere that owncloud was included but I don’t see it in the beta, is this something that will implemented before RTM? Owncloud is an integral part of my plan and not having it in 7 means I either need to use 6 or look elsewhere


We’ll have NextCloud in NethServer 7.
You can even try it now:


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Thanks guys, I’m gonna try it out today. I wasn’t even aware owncloud had split into nextcloud. I’ve been reading up on it and excited with the new direction for the project, I’ve been disappointed with OC the past few releases hopefully the future will shine bright for it.

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I installed nextcloud, and opened the app from the dashboard and was presented with a login screen however I can’t login using either of the credentials I’ve made for nethserver did I miss a step?

defaults are:

  • user: admin
  • password: Nethesis,1234

Got it, thanks!!! I was ASSuming it would use the user accounts setup with Nethserver. That’s what I get for ASSuming

You can access nextcloud using any user, but admin is special :wink:

I’m only able to acces admin and the one user I setup from within nextcloud, is there something else I need to do to link the user accounts within nethserver to nextcloud?

Probably yes if you didn’t follow all the testing process documented inside the issues :slight_smile:
But don’t panic!
You need only to execute a command:

signal-event nethserver-nextcloud-update

I’m working on a new automated RPM :slight_smile:


Ehi Jason, how is it going with your tests?

I’ve got nethserver installed and nextcloud running but that’s as far as I got. I did just try running this command: signal-event nethserver-nextcloud-update but still not able to use the one account that different between the two, it’s not a huge deal though I’ll just setup the needed accounts with nextcloud cause they don’t really need to be server users anyway. My next step is to dig out my hp procurve j4904 and try to segment some traffic then see if I can get bandwidth throttling working. Small steps, small steps. I’m just one guy with no time.

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