New Owners for Owncloud




This can never be good…

I think Owncloud will die and NextCloud will be the future.
I’m really said that this happend, because Owncloud was a real advantage for everyone.

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That’s the official post:

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And we run away from Owncloud :smiley:


lol ! :laughing:

I’m confused. I have purposefully been waiting for Nethserver 7 to release so that I could use it with OwnCloud 9. Why have they discontinued it’s use? I liked that it was integrated into the LDAP with Nethserver. When will the next cloud solution for Nethserver be available?

It seems it’s already available and it’s being tested at the moment:

I am currently browsing through a fresh install of Nethserver 7 beta. I do not see an install package in the software center?

It is not present in the Software Center because it is in testing.
You can install it from the command line enabling the testing repo:
yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing install nethserver-nextcloud