Why extra files from package and how to remove them

The concept of meta-package existe in Debian too…

Is the Nethserver Team could make meta-package with fine selection of package?
I was complain about /etc wich has x11 directories…
But /usr/share has kde directories, gnome directories…

I cups can do this? I played a little with cups… :cry:

please, explain your problem here…

you have no reason to be worried about such files/dirs

“My problem” is to see something that totally unnecessary on the system, or something totally unnecessary in the directories…

in a package based distro as Centos/NS, all the files in the system are there because of a reason… nothing is “unecessary”…

and, I repeat, you’d not be concerned about them

in any case “man rpm” will enlight you… there are files that are there because of dependencies… even if they will be never used, they must stay there…

if you find a file in your opinion not necessary, just do

rpm -qf filename 

to know which rpm installed it

We havn’t the same definition of nessessary and unnecessary… :grin:

My Nethserver don’t have X11, don’t have Gnome, and don’t have KDE…
So, all this directories, or “stuff footprint” are unnecessary.

file a bug upstream, since those files come with upstream packages… you can remove them, you likely break your server… or maybe not

IMO you’d be concerned for other reasons… with HDs of TB capability, worrying about few mb is quite useless…

sure… I don’t care about them, since I use my servers for work, not to play with :wink:

Absolutly not… I’d installed Nethserver on a minimal Centos, wich have the reputation to be really minimum!

I think this unnecessary stuff is easy to identify and for the future to made meta-package to avoid install it, or another (better?)selection of packages…

There’s something contradictory with the modularity concept… Wich mean only the necessary is installed…

Each time you install a package, you install some dependencies too
It’s nothing to be concerned to and it’s out of our control, since we use packages coming from upstream
We can’t deal with compiling “our” packages
IMO, you’re wasting your time with a no sense problem

I agree with @zamboni: you’re concerned for nothing.

Some libraries are there because a package requires them. In your case, most of the stuff comes from CUPS which is linked to many X11 libraries: this is how shared libraries work.
If you have some libraries installed, this doesn’t mean you have a X system running.

This behavior is common to any Linux distro.

But perhaps I forget to tell that after playing with cups, I remove it from the system…
Yum erase cups

Is there extra parameter for removing all footprints?

Yes, via CLI, removing manually all the rpms that cups installed

No need to add that is useless and you’re just wasting your time

Just take a look to “yum history” if you want to undo an entire transaction.

Thank you @giacomo for your help.

I continuing trying to see something that don’t let me in peace…
With Google, I see that yum normally remove directories except when theses are not empty.

And yum don’t remove empty directories in my Nethserver instance !?! ( usr/share/cups/templates/eu )

Is a way to know what are creating directories? I have a /usr/share/games :confused:

Again, you have no reasons to be worried/concerned by those files/dir…

It’s not about worry or not worry,

If I want a firewall gateway on my network…It’s to control what is going through the network, to have a clean network.
It’s not contradictory with the need to control files on the firewall/gateway, to have a clean system.

If a single png files is need for doing something on the system, perhaps it’s not necessary to install kdm but just the png file, or made another rpm with just the png file.
For the future, It could be made a “nethserver-icons.rpm” to have a cleaner system in place to have X11 and kde component…

It’s this kind of things I’m trying to determine…

And when I have a chewing-gum stick on my sneakers, I removed it.

I think you could type:

rpm -qf <filename>

to see where it comes from.

Stepfano already give me this rpm command :smiley:

With this I already have seen that the openldap was installed since the original installation…I will complain about modularity after :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: Yum don’t remove empty directories… As you can see with the cups directory.
Is the nethserver default YUM configuration files is ok?

Is there a way to see what package made the /usr/share/games ? Which is empty.

I wouldn’t go to nuts in removing packages. Most are installed as requisites of what you want installed. If you remove a requisite then you may remove something you don’t want removed. If you know all you did is install packages using the NethServer software center then I suggest leaving it alone, unless you really know what your doing.

Certainly I don’t explain directly what I mean to do… :cold_sweat:

I don’t want to remove requisites packages…
I want to know if the kdm package is necessary or not.
Few png files are here, in the system.
It’s normal?
It’s a dependency error?
it’s a package maker error manipulation?

In the other side, I’ve made a cups install and remove it.
Yum normally remove all included empty directories… But I still have empty directories.
Why yum don’t work as expected?

In the other situation…On the same Nethserver instance.
There’s /usr/share/games directory… GAMES :smile_cat:
It’s normal? it’s this directory is a must have? :laughing:

Which are the files on games?
# Rpm -qf /var/shars/games/yourfile
# damnpackage
Good, now you could complain the damnpackage mantainer