Who is talking about NethServer?


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DistroWatch | Development Release: NethServer 7.5 RC1

“My family uses a server I put up to trade photos and posts… Ultimately more people need to start hosting family servers to help us get off the cloud craze… NethServer is a pretty decent CentOS based option.”
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We Are NethServer - Community Overview - Sep 18
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NethServer Course :slight_smile:


If you are looking for a complete, stable and easy to manage operating system for your home server, Nethserver could be a good option

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They wrote an howto and made available some packages. Awesome.

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You would almost consider to push a nethserver-netify package to them :sunglasses:

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Long NethServer AD review in Italian.
Amazing intro with audience questions and requests!

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It’s a very “live” installation, it seems that the man has never installed Nethserver before :smiley:

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Looks like he admitted it

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I can’t find the license of Netify anywhere. Did someone find it? I strongly doubt it is opensource.

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Hi Rob,
have a look here:

Hope that is what you are searching for.

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Looks like the server side software is not opensource. only the agent is opensource. That’s like free drugs.
I am not convinced.

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Listed in Отличный список ИТ-сервисов на все случаи жизни (via Collection of opensource project blog post)

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