Who is talking about NethServer?


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I daily follow NethServer mentions over social networks, forums and blog posts, so I want to start off a new topic reporting and sharing with you such stuff. I hope that everyone can help to reply to these mentions or do the same:

I am back and missed you guys
I am back and missed you guys
Accumulation of articles abt NethServer?
(Eliezer Ga) #2

I will help to introduce Nethserver here in the Philippines and someone interested I will ask tyem to join in our community here. :smile:

(Alessio Fattorini) #3

Of course why not? @Jon_Alf @slicursio @laurenc.july @haliparotin @vhinzsanchez @casicabal @ironsky will be happy to help you!

(Vhinz Sanchez) #4

Welcome here @eliezer.axiem! Seen your post in tipidpc, thanks for spreading the word. Hope you’ll enjoy NethServer.

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Folks, vote the discussion on reddit and add your comment please:

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How to vote? I guess you must to sign up first, no?

You already know my opinion about NS as “All In One” product.

Because of that, I’m totally agree with “alientity” regarding to separation of the services (but not with pfSense!) and with “FrostMute” (I hope he was refered to NS in reply to “alientity”!).

Again, my opinion regarding how to use NS, mostly for Business Environment:

  • one appliance directly connected to WAN as UTM: Firewall, Web Proxy and Filter, Mail Proxy and Filter (SMTP, POP3, AV, Antispam), F2B, VPN, IPS, …
  • one appliance connected to GREEN as PDC/AD (File Server, Monitoring and Inventorying, Print server, …).
  • at least one appliance connected to ORANGE for: Web hosting, Mail hosting, ownCloud, FTP, …

And, of course, settings from WebUI, as much is possible!

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Yes, you have to signup :slight_smile:
I know your opinion, @davidep is working on making this scenario more simple to manage
you can copy your comment directly into reddit

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I did it!

But, where can I vote?


Is on arrows (up=yes; down=no)?

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Up :slight_smile:

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Spreading the word about @mark_nl and @jackyes work

Discussion here is gone on :slight_smile:

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Who wants to reply to them? :slight_smile:

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  • Sick of Windows!!! tx @robb


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Nethserver - CentOS based, they work hard to make it as easy for the users as possible. Plenty options.


(Marc) #18

Thanks to @davidochobits, Mail server with NethServer (on Digital Ocean VPS):

(davidochobits) #19

Thks for spreading!

(Marc) #20

Straight from my feed :wink: