Who is talking about NethServer?


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Softpedia: NethServer 6.8 Linux Server Fights Spam with DNS-Based Blackhole List (DNSBL)

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On Distrowatch, again.

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In Italian:

creative and very active Italian team

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On Reddit, please reply to this guy :slight_smile:

On facebook

Just a small sneak peek on July Issue of LG

Review in Italian: NethServer 6.8 “Final”: eccola, in tutto il suo splendore



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This guy is doing a great job, we should add this video to our community documentation, I’m trying to reach him out.

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Great post from Jeff Bales


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  • What Open source firewall ?
  • freenas vs ubuntu


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Our friend @JeffBales is working hard on testing NethServer 7! Here he shares his impressions


Awesome :blush: Thank you Jeff!

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@JeffBales double mention for you :slight_smile: :arrow_up:

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Welcome :slight_smile:

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I have looked at Samba4, Zentyal and Nethserver but they seems to be overkill as I do not need an AD.

Let’s reply to this guy! :slight_smile:

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So many talkers this time!

Free Nethserver might be the small business server you’re looking for

by Jeff Wallen on TechRepublic

NethServer : An all-in-one server for Small and Medium enterprises

by OsTechNix

Un paseo por NethServer by @davidochobits

NethServer 7 “Bruschetta” Server-Oriented Linux OS to Support Nextcloud 10

by Softpedia



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Spread the word, spread the word…

I am curious if all these mentions generate traffic to NS (and more members for our community)

Traffic on NethServer generated by last mentions
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Give me some time to collect some numbers so I can open a new topic about it

In the meantime, another great article:

Install and configure modules in NethServer

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NethServer listed in http://sysadmin.it-landscape.info/

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###Great Q/A on Quora by Senthil Kumar Palani



Also on quora:

New and old videos