Which primary mail client in NethServer?

Hi Team,

I’m a little confused when it comes to mail on nethserver (not surprisingly since I’m still getting my head around in nethserver :slight_smile: ).

I read on this thread that someone made a comment that nethserver is a mail server without a client. I thought we had a primary mail client in place with WebTop? Is this not the case?

So what’s the backstory on this…was SOGO the long time mail client/groupware for nethserver but for reasons I’m not understanding something changed in SOGO and we moved away to WebTop as the new groupware. Isn’t WebTop the new primary groupware nethserver will recommend or is nethserver still looking for a full solution?

I’m coming from using Zarafa on ClearOS and I want to move our mail on nethserver but my hope is what I move to on nethserver will be around and supported. I don’t want to move to a nethserver mail solution and then have to change our mail client because nethserver has decided to not support it.

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use standard protocol like imap (for roundcube/sogo/rainloop/horde…you can have all of them and never lost an email) and you will be never annoyed…It is not the case with a specific protocol like zarafa :slight_smile:

As ever, do the good choice, don’t wait from other to do it for you :slight_smile:


Totally agree with you @stephdl on using IMAP for accessing my mail on nethserver. But my problem is that employees get married to their email web client once they start using it. It’s hard for them to adapt and change. So once I’ve vetted and tested various mail clients and made the right decision for our office to use xyz mail client (whatever it we choose), I’d like to be as sure as I can (I know…nothing is forever) that it will be a go forward supported solution by nethserver. I know I can install what I want, but I’d like to keep nethserver as pure as I can. And by pure I mean I don’t do a lot of tweaks to it myself but use what is provided by Software Center. I hope you don’t take my comments that I’m lazy and don’t want to support my own. What I’m saying is that I want to make sure that the services I provide for our office on nethserver work well together and if nethserver has added a module to the Software Center this means that testing has been done to ensure some app doesn’t break another part of nethserver.

I guess what I’m asking then is…

Is nethserver still looking for a mail client that they can quarterback as their go forward mail client/groupware. Because if you are then perhaps I need to wait and see which client wins this battle.

I have spun up a test nethserver and will continue to install and remove various clients to see how they all work and get familiar with each clients idiosyncrasies. But on our production nethserver I would like to be careful that what I install will not have to change in the near future.

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Webtop is the primary groupware, but WT5 is still beta. SOGo is still also avilable. But it’s always good to have or at least to know some alternatives. We are just trying out how and what for horde can be used. When WT5 is ready in full functionality I think it will be the choice of most. But in the meantime we’re looking around. :slight_smile:

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Well, for me Horde is probably the best alternative for a long time!

WebTop4 does not fit me, WebTop5 is not in German and is still in the beta think times until everything works it will take a while

And SOGo is on the normal desktop now very cumbersome in operation and slow.
So in short, if Horde is running it will surely be a good stable mature alternative.

My career was: eGroupware; Horde; Zarafa; SOGo



Just split this discussion, as @flatspin I think

it’s always good to have or at least to know some alternatives

Maybe I’m biased but with WebTop (having the @webtop_team here) we might have the opportunity to build together our own groupware and not just add a groupware on top of NethServer.
That’s my own opinion.

Yes you are, but if not you, who else?? :smile: