Which one of you has a blog yet?

There is an absolute need to “spread the word” of NethServer, there are lots of things to speak about but unfortunately unknown to many people

I wanted to create a new team to get started on this aspect, a Promo Team with this unique goal:

  1. Writing some articles for NethServer blog

Some examples:

soft requirements:

  1. A bit of available time
  2. Writing skills (in English)
  3. Minimum knowledge of NethServer and its documentation and howto (can be a good way to start!)

Just a few topics suggestions

Someone wants to be part of it?

Edited: focusing on writing skills


If you are listening to this,you are the resistance

Come on Guys

ahaha good quote :wink:

It’s been a while since this post and community is changed in the meantime, new faces have landed here and maybe we can host theirs articles on our NethServer blog. Which one of you has a blog yet?
/cc @JeffBales

I’m with the resistance and accept your challenge :slight_smile:


Hi, I would like to get involved.
The hard part is looking for I can contribute?
My first thought would be to document what I did to get my Adagios monitoring up and running. Who decides what is useful?

Happy to anyones thoughts.


The wiki can be a good place to start to work or if you prefer a draft on the forum…however the final destination will be dokuwiki

I have in mind a planet nethserver ( rss syndication of blogs) do some people could be interested…do blog authors want to publish related article to nethserver.

Do you want to push up the knowledge frontier


It would be awesome! Do you have already a blog? Write about this over there… or here. So we can move it on our blog if you like.

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Used to have one but abandoned now :smiley:

Why? Did you spend too much time?

I definitely should start a blog. Will start one soon™. :slight_smile:


Naaahhh…I just tried it, then have not found a time to update. Didn’t remember it until this thread :smiley:

A short post about a NethServer module or new feature or a best practice might fit well :slight_smile:

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