I would like to write some Howtos for NethServer

Hi all,
I want to switch from SME to NetServer.
I would like to write some Howtos for NethServer; howtos that my grandmother is able to follow.

Hoping I will be able to do the same with NethServer,



Ah, welcome to the dark side. You’ll see lots of familiar faces here.


Welcome here Michel-andré, please ping us for what you need, on discourse write @stephdl for example

Hi @michelandre and welcome to the NethServer community. If you have a closer look to these forums, you will notice we do have a Howto section
But what you probably are looking for is the howto section of our wiki: https://wiki.nethserver.org/doku.php?id=user_guides
Feel free to sign up for the wiki and start writing hwoto’s. I absolutely agree that a howto should be simple (or in your words: howto’s that your grandmother can follow)
A howto is often written as a start to get more functionality (installation howto). Most of the howto’s in the forums and wiki are like this.
If your aim is to explain NethServer in a simple way, I invite you to help adding to the official NethServer admin guide
If you need any information or have other quitions, don’t hesitate to ask. Like @stephdl said, mentioning other community members or groups (like the @ambassadors_group or @support_team) work great to get some attention.

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