Where is the Users page?

Hi, I’ve just done a basic NethServer install and I’m working through the docs. I’m logged in as root and looking to activate the Admin user by doing as instructed and entering a password.

I’m not sure if I’m just dumb, but I don’t appear to have a ‘Users’ page ??

I’ve found reference here to installing the ‘directory module’, but would have expected the ‘Users’ page to be a fundamental part of the base system ??

Clarification would be much appreciated please.


Hi Paul,

Left side of UI:

NS 6.x: Management -> Users
**NS 7alpha3: Management -> Users and groups

For NS 7alpha3 you must to add first, from Administration -> Software Center, one of the modules: “Account provider: OpenLDAP” or “Account provider: Samba Active Directory” to have access at “Users and groups” from UI.


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Hi, Thanks for your quick response.

I assume you mean left side of the UI ? I’m running Vn 6.7 at present. There is no ‘Management’ category on the left after the basic install. I’ve just installed the ‘Email’ module (as I’ll need it anyway) and presto - Management : Email addresses, Groups and Users has appeared on the left hand side :slight_smile:

May I suggest a comment to this effect in the updated administration manual as you suggest Vn7 requires additions before this appears anyway.

Thanks again.


We are talking about NS 7a3, yes?

Sorry, yes.

On NS 7a3, after first login, you don’t have access at Management → Users and groups from UI.

If you add some modules that requires to create users, all dependencies will be added.

In your case, if you check Administration → Software center → Installed, you will find there “Account provider: OpenLDAP” module if I’m not wrong.

I wrote about this here:

NethServer 7.2 alpha 3 - "First Blood" - #4 by GG_jr

Is Alpha version.
I think all things will be fixed at the final version or even at RC1.


Many thanks, Users, Email etc. now up and running, very happy with Neth Server so far :slight_smile:


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Where is it in 6.8 ?

As @GG_jr already wrote above
In 6.8 you need to install some modules that require to create users, all dependencies will be added.