Where is my RC3?

Maybe some of you are wondering where is the RC 3 of NethServer 7.
Well, we are waiting for CentOS 7.3 upstream release as Filippo already explained here: Adding a Release Candidate

OK, but what is missing? What we are really doing right now?

Since tracking down all the work is a little hard, my workstation is hosting a Gnote installation with lots of yellow notes sticked all around the desktop. Not the best way to share the work. :wink:

This is why I’m trying to switch to the new Projects tool from GitHub, which helps to organize the work using a kanban-like method. I’ve created two projects, populated with my private notes, which I promise we will try to keep updated as thinks keep going! :slight_smile:

NethServer 7 roadmap
This is the public roadmap for NethServer 7.

  • share the current status of the project
  • order planned features following community needs
  • plan half-baked ideas which are not yet ready to be written down as issue
  • The roadmap is not set in stone, but we will try to be stick to it as much as possible!

NethServer nethforge
This is the current status of the NethForge.
Any contributor is welcome to move things around! :wink:

Check it out and let us know what you think:
https://github.com/orgs/NethServer/projects (projects have been moved under NethServer organization)


:heart_eyes: Awesome! I’ve a similar workflow based on a (messy) plain-text file…

However, I like the procedure used so far:

  • discuss feature and bugs here on community

  • open issues on github tracker

…and from now on we could also

  • add relevant issues to github projects view

  • add text-cards for mid/long term goals, which aren’t (still) tracked by issues but could be a discussion outcome anyway

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Really interesting that github did it

Looks interesting, we can also link card to existing discussion if there isn’t an issue yet


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They’ve just released it!

Since CentOS released the 7(.3).1611 version we’ve found some troubles with sssd.

We’re investigating them:


RC3 is now in our YUM repositories and mirrors are synchronizing!


@giacomo is baking the new ISO and it will be soon available!


Great @davidep to just get it incorporated in my company. :heart_eyes:


Perform the update to RC3 but the dpi module does not work.

Did you read the release notes?


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Sorry @davidep , the excitement of updating it.


Projects have been moved under NethServer organization to better handle pull requests and issue from multiple repositories: https://github.com/orgs/NethServer/projects

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