Adding a Release Candidate

As you may know, the release of a new version of CentOS is imminent.
As any upstream release, it brings many improvements, but this time it’s special for us because of two features: Deep Packet Inspection and HTTPS transparent filter.
Timing is unfortunate, we’re approaching a final release, the latest release candidate is ready to be delivered, but I’d like to wait a few days more to rebase the next Release Candidate on CentOS 7.1611.

What do you think?


@filippo_carletti I think it’s great to wait a bit and deliver a Robust NethServer


What will be the implcation of using the new CentOS release? Are starting bugs expected? Or is the new CentOS release equivalent to the current + all updates?
If the latter, then go for the new release. If there is a lot of difference, I don’t know what would be wise. I would be a bit reluctant and at least test all features intensively before using the new CentOS release as a base.

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for me, it’s better to wait for the CentOS 7.3 rel
even if this means some basic features re-test
I did not see/know any particular reason to be in a hurry

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