When is php in nethserver going to be upgraded?


NethServer Version: 7.3.1611

Hello everybody. I have a question regarding to php version of nethserver:
Is there a plan to upgrade php version in the near future to a more recent version? The current version is PHP Version 5.4.16. When would a newer version be available?

I am running egroupware on nethserver and for future releases of egroupware a minimal php-version of 5.6 is required but 7.0 recommended.

I found the following discussion about the upgrade of php for nethserver, but this is also quite a time ago:

Thanks for your answer.

Long answer short: never
You have to use scl packages

Let’s be inclusive here.
Update policy for NethServer is: follow upstream. This means, as soon CentOS is updating php, NethServer will update too.
CentOS in its turn waits for RedHat updates, since CentOS is more or less the community version and packaging of RHEL.
As Stefano mentioned, you can always use nethserver-phpscl package, created by our community hero @stephdl
More info on nethserver-phpscl here: https://wiki.nethserver.org/doku.php?id=php-scl


RH’s policy is to never upgrade a daemon/package during the life cycle of a distro… IOW, mariadb, PHP, apache and so on will never be updated
OTOH, RH backports all bugfixes