MySQL and PHP version upgrades

NethServer Version: v7
Module: MySQL and PHP

Is it possible to upgrade MySQL and PHP up a minor version to MySQL 5.6 and PHP v5.6.5?

I need to test Magento 2 and these would be the minimum system requirements to run Magento.

Also PHP 5.4 is a little dated.

Short answer is : not safe

For php go to the wiki and install nethserver-php-scl

For mysql you can install the relevant software collection.

Now for an explanation it is the concept of a linux distribution, a collection of coherent software versions. You want a another one, upgrade the system or use the redhat software collection

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I’m new here in the community and I need some help.
I have successfully installed the nethserver-php-scl package and am using php70 on a Vhost, however I need to enable pdo_sqlsrv.
would you know how to help me?

Hi @Eliezer_Morais,

welcome to NethServer Community!

yum install php70-php-pdo should install the relevant extension but I think it’s already installed as requirement of nethserver-php-scl.

@fausp do you know how to make the pdo_sqlsrv extension work with MS SQL?

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Hi Eliezer, did you resolve using @mrmarkuz suggestion? Providing a feedback would be great :slight_smile: