Virtual Host + SSL certificate + PrestaShop

Hi folks,

after solving this Virtual hosts Options with @mrmarkuz, I am facing now another problem with SSL certificate for my site.

I have downloaded ssl certificate from Let’s Encrypt.
I have setup this cert as default cert.
In virtualhost config i have checked Require SSL encrypted connection.
On PrestaShop configuration i have turned on SSL and another option which is Enable SSL on all pages.

after that main site page is not working shouting about redirection problems, but the admin page (backoffice) is working ok - with ssl certificate.

Does anyone of you faced maybe the same problems ?

I think that it would be “nice” if i.e. we can install/request multiple SSL certs for different virtualhost and in that config choose proper SSL cert for them from the NethGUI.

We have a similar problem with joomla. Only solution was put joomla to /var/www/html.

With letsencrypt you may just enter all virtual hosts to one cert. With own certs this should already be possible:


I have allready read that but this won’t work - maybe for now it will - because i had only one virtualhost but if this VPS will do his job i will move the rest domains to that server and then this will not work…

if i leave this site without ssl cert customers will stop use it because the will feel unsecure with their shopping/payments etc.

I think require SSL in virtualhost settings and “Enable SSL on all pages” may collide. Did you try without “Enable SSL on all pages”? Just an idea.

OK folks, i think that i have found a solution :smiley:

Problem was with Let’s Encrypt certyficate and whole Virtual Host configuration. This is what i have done

  1. I have uploaded certificate from my hosting/vps provider (CRT and KEY files)
  2. Unchecked Require SSL encrypted connection
  3. Choosed that certificate from SSL/TLS certificate list
  4. On PrestaShop configuration i have turned on SSL and Enable SSL on all pages

And after that all goes smooth - i have deserved some :beers: … oh wait i have to setup backup module for vhost and mysql, and setup firewall rules etc.


Hi @des,
nice that you have solved your problem and very nice that you shared the solution with us. If you could mark your answer as a solution I think much more people would have a look for it.