What is the most awesome module/feature for NethServer, that does not yet exist?

Could you please open new topics for such suggestions?

@sitz has suggested something similar in this post:

i’d search for cron :wink: not for task scheduler :stuck_out_tongue:

@alefattorini do you really think my suggestions deserves a new topic?

It would not be repetitive?

Correct @JOduMonT :smile:

done with nethserver-shellinabox

done with nethserver-crontab

I don’t understand, you have already a service page


That could be a nice enhancement

could be interesting also


To estart or stop services… That already done now :wink:

Well done @stephdl

You can tranquilly work on the disk managment feature now :smile:

I’m rather looking after bareos…I have had a long talk with the team at the fosdem.

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Good! Have you got an idea?

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i Would say a sas/iscsi support inbuild for expansion of owncloud,roaming profiles info, for rapid redundancy and availability, a module that permit attach a custom iscsi disk or partition for that data only.

because the VM aproach for Owncloud and roaming profiles is to expensive, i would prefer throw that data to a inexpensive and SAS or isci devices for better backup/data/price performance and the Nethserver in a VM inself.

just my two cents.

Good point, please take a look at this discussion and provide there your insights


Up, sure that you miss something.

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Easy to suggest something absolutely awesome that does not yet exist in NS: https://nextcloud.com/collaboraonline/
As I understood from the info, this uses docker to run.

i think it is simple to make

Use NFS with Nethserver


hmzzz… and to set the challenge a tad higher: If you have 2 (or more) servers, setup GlusterFS.
For installing Gluster there is a quickstart howto on readthedocs: http://gluster.readthedocs.io/en/latest/Quick-Start-Guide/Quickstart/


Love it, we should make some test and test the waters!

Bump…shoot again. I’m listening

I can think of a few…