What is a good Active Directory Domain Controller FQDN?

Some questions:

I want to test ns7.2a3 as a DC, looks a little complicated because there is not a How To, like with 6.7 (it works after a battle with badblock and some reinstalls).

On my old DC/windows 2000 SBS installed on 2001 (some years ago), we use a domain like “plane.local”, that was the valid recommendation on those years. Things change as the “Active Directory Naming FAQ” explain.

I see a lot of examples with domains like “example.com”, but not with “example.com.mx”.
I want to use a subdomain for “airplane.com.mx” like “plane.airplane.com.mx”…
and I wonder if this FQDN for the server will be correct: “server72a3.plane.airplane.com.mx”?

Currently my domain users use “plane” as the internal domain like “plane\user1”, “plane\audit1”.
(looking forward for the stable release of NS7)

I think it is good. By default the domain would be PLANE.

In ns7 login names would look like user1@plane.airplane.com.mx user2@plane.airplane.com.mx

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Thank you @davidep
Maybe is the old technology that we have (windows 2000), some terms and translations change, like the second:

  1. Nombre de inicio de sesion del usuario / (login name)
    : bascula@plane.local
    (with ns7 will be bascula@plane.airplane.com.mx)

  2. Nombre de inicio de sesion del usuario (anterior a windows 2000) / login name (before windows 2000)
    : plane\bascula
    (with ns7 will be plane\bascula ? I hope)

I need to test a lot of things… I suppose and hope that login names as “plane\bascula” still are supported. In sql server 2008 users connected are reported as “plane\bascula” and is uses to validate access, well I keep in touch to report my findings.

After some though, I’m sure is me, I work with old technology and sometimes I can’t link old terms with the new ones.
I like this forum because explain things that old tech users can understand.

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@davidep, I’m installing v72alfa3…
What I need to write in the hostname?

  1. ns72a3.airplane.com.mx
  2. ns72a3.plane.airplane.com.mx
  3. ns72a3.plane
  4. ns72a3.local

I think #1 is the correct one.

The mixture of things confuses me sometimes: Linux, domain, samba, active directory, windows…
I need to keep calm, breath and rethink. :sweat:

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As I said, I’d go with it :grinning:

How many workstations are joined to SBS?

How many groups and users?

I mean the host name on the CenOS 7 installation:

My current server (in production) runs:
windows 2000 SBS max 50 users
groups: 22, some with an space in the name “SQL User RW”
users: ~50
workstations: ~90, a lot don’t exists anymore but aren’t deleted yet.

With one more user connected on the file server, I hit the limit and bam! no connection for someone, I test this some weeks ago, so my need to find a replacement.

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