What exactly is NethVoice?

NethServer Version: 8
Module: NethVoice

@alefattorini @Amygos

There has been a few posts about NethVoice, especially by 2 users here in the Forum.

As there are no “official” statements to NethVoice so far, here the big question:

Is NethVoice intended as a replacement for the FreePBX Module available in NS7, but which had a lot of update and other issues.


Is NethVoice a coming commercial Module aimed at NS8 or NS8 Enterprise Subscriptions? (A paid for service - or a reduced “Community” version otherwise intended for paying customers?).

Due to the lack of information and using available links, Github crops up, but there I read stuff like the following in the Github ToDo:

“Validate if the Nethvoice mobile application is used for a Nethvoice instance with a valid Subscription.”

Read in english, this strongly implies the intended existance of a "“Subscription”, usually a paid for service…

FreePBX was / is free to use…

Any “official” statement available to the intended users of this NethVoice?

Thanks for any infos…


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HEllo Andy, Allow me to use the Knowledge available to me, and @alefattorini would expound or correct if i am wrong.

NEthvoice on NS8 would indeed replace the current FreePbx Module that was available on NEthserver.

NEthvoice is a Full Featured Enterprise Ready PBX solution Developed by Nethesis, built Ontop of Asterix FreePbx.

it has a reskinned interface,similar to what nethsecurity has done with openwrt and many other additional advanced functionalities.

NEthvoice was previous, available in NS7, but was an Enterprise Only Offering, if you had the Enterprise License of NEthvoice.

from the look of things, Nethesis, intends to collapse the FreePBX intefrace Alltogether and have all if not most functions on the Nethvoice interface.

NEthvoice is and will be free to use.

In relation to this statement, NEthvoice has a Mobile offering as softphones on the playstore here: Android Apps by Nethesis Mobile on Google Play

My assumptions is that, for you to make use of their Mobile Offering, you would need to Have a subscription, but other than that, it should work just fine.

I know for sure there would be a Migration plan from Nethvoice on NS7, but i am not really sure if there would be a migration from FreePBX on NS7 to Nethvoice @Amygos could better answer this.

Overall NEthvoice is a wonderful product that would give the likes of 3CX a Run for their Money.

My thoughts
the Biggest headache for NEthvoice i beleive would be integrations with CRM systems and other systems, similar to what 3cx has on offer.


I did emphasize in BOLD the query for any “official” statement from the NethServer project.

I would like to evade issues for users from bad advice like this one:

Asking users to wait for an “Alpha” product with completly unclear commercial / licencing / other issues?

This is extremly unwise asking SME companies to wait for unclear “Alpha” products…

Any software offering with a “limited community vesrsion” and a “fully featured Enterprise” offering is NOT open source (A blob verifying license / subscription use must be there somewhere) and strongly resembles other “crippled” software. I NEVER consider such software as “wonderful”.

I’ve been aware of 3CX for years, but their products are not interesting to use (for me or my clients) as there are MUCH better commercial software available out there!

Anything commercial has to compete with the best available out there on the market…

Any Voice system with aspirations for “Enterprise” classification, has to offer CTI and CRM integrations (Plural, because just one isn’t enough!) AND should / must also have some form of AD / SSO integrated.

The same is also valid for any CRM system: without CTI and Telephony Integration, it’s just a better (or worse) Adressbook, not more or less. (AD / SSO is also almost required!).

I would like clarification from the officials here about this!

My 2 cents

Allow me the question if you have an issue with your keyboard? A lot of your posts have double capitalization on a lot of words. (HEllo, NEthvoice)…

For starters, NEthvoice is not an Alpha Product, it is actually prodcution ready, this is considering its a prodcut that has been in use in NEthserver 7, and i have had a chance to make use of it as well on NS7.

In relation to NS8, it is also not In Alpha, and is currently in BEta1, Soon maybe to be BEta2, they were tuning the product for NS8.

in this regrds i do agree with you, the Lincesing is not clear and commercials are not yet announced

We are both already aware that FreePBX on nethserver 7 has had many issues already, if this is the case, why let the SME comapny make use of a prodcut that wont really serve them, wouldnt it be wise to just wait for a official up to date and supported module, unless they want a phone system right now, then they better not make use of freepbx on NS7

Andy, i disagree with this, and this is not true, FreePBX is free opensource, but they charge for their Softphones here: FreePBX Softphones (20 User Package) | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring

300 usd per year for 20 users

and CRM Link | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring

300 usd for their CRM link.

the base product is free, also it does not stop you from sing another softphone, or a physical phone, does that make FreePBX not free Opensource?

good news for you, NEthvoice Does fit the Bill, Has a proper CTI, and even other functions for hotels and so on, Has a Designer for call handling and so on.

Since its Nethvoice, and its on NEthserver, AD comes out of the box.

As for CRM integrations, I am not sure, the nethvoice dev team will answer on that, even if its a paid module, the base still works fine, and its only Enterpise who want this kind of integrations, isn’t it what youve been saying Andy?

This is because i think faster than i am able to type, when i am talking about Nethesis for example, I would hit Shift Key when typing N, but dont release the Shift Key by the time i type E and only remember to do so when typing t, so you end up having NEthesis, or NEtheserver

if i could teach my dictionary to correct this, should solve the problem, since i have to re-edit every bit, and it make sense nethverthless, i jsut let it be.

FreePBX may be “free Opensource”, if you prefer that term, but as such, it’s plain not usable.
Configuring an existing SIPfone or Softphone without their commercial wizard is almost impossible unless you get tips from the community. I call this stuff “Crippleware”, not “Freemium”.

As i’ve heard, it supports Android - but not iOS. (Mobile App, your own words above).
Tough, but my clients and myself are major iPhone users!

In this specific post, I am asking for official statements on licensing / usage / features /etc of this module, as there is a general lack of Information on this. Even before, on NS7, there wasn’t any information on this, it was only available on the commercial site (Which a lot of users never look at, they aren’t interested in commercial…!).

I do agree that private people don’t need a CRM, but some SME can and do use CRM. Depends a lot on line of business. Example: A doctors practice, with 1 to a couple of doctors, a classical SME in that sense. Most doctors software include a complete GroupWare solution with CRM, but this doesn’t generate “Leads”…It’s still a CRM, just doesn’t use that “marketing lingo”.

I also asked for clarification about the commercial Business Cube, a MS SQL programmed commercial Application that was available for installation on NS7 from the Software Center - without ANY info.
That was something aimed at partner companies of Nethesis, and in my opinion should not have been shown on the Software Center in NS7…
This was clarified “officially”.

Typos are legit for any age and capabilities. It just happens! :slight_smile:

I once had a Keyboard that had a physical defect and displayed similiar effects, words beginning with double capitalization and was curious if yours had a similiar issue…

As to NethVoice, I’d summarize for us two, and a lot of other users:

We would like some “official” Statement as to NethVoice / FreePBX / NS8, including maybe:

  • Features / Capabilities
  • Intended clientele
  • Use cases
  • Status


My 2 cents

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here is Iphone for you ‎Nethesis srl Apps on the App Store

I am also looking forward to the official STatement,

I assume they wanted to wait untill offcial announcement after beta2

Disclaimer: this is not an official Nethesis statement, it is just my idea about NethVoice and PBX on NethServer 8. On the other hand, I’m the grey-beard developer of NethVoice and that is the direction where I’m going with the product. Official statement will be released in a few days.

TL;DR: you are having a lot more than before on the PBX side

Me and @Amygos gave a brief talk about it @ FOSDEM at the NethServer 8 devroom, the video will be released soon and answers some technical questions

  • Free and Open FreePBX and Asterisk core containerized and enterprise grade (multiple instances per node)
  • Kamailio SIP + RTP
  • Free and Open CTI with WebRTC softphone and other very powerful and enterprise grade features
  • Free and Open provisioning platform, with some brands tested and verified by Nethesis
  • Other features, only on enterprise version [sorry guys, we have to pay the bills]
    • Enterprise grade customer support (VoIP is a damn complex world and our customer support rocks :fire:)
    • Our mobile app
    • proxy for remote phones provisioning
    • lot of other cool stuff we’re building on AI

If you search the web about containerized FreePBX-Asterisk, you’ll find people saying that it isn’t even possiblle. Well turned out it is and you can already try it by yourself.
BTW it’s damn difficult if you want to join the effort you’re welcome!


Hi @Stll0

And thank you for the “inofficial” Pre-Answer (or Answer Version 0.9, as some devs prefer!)…
This answers a lot of questions, and poses some new ones!.

For the official statement, please include links / pricing / what’s needed for an Enterprise solution as well.
(For Example: NethVoice must run on NS8 also enterprise licensed…).
I do have clients for which such a solution may be interesting.

The swiss market for VoIP is somewhat special. All TelCos use VoIP, the old POTS system was deactivated a few years back. However: None of the providers will provide SIP access data, unlike for example Germany, where Telekom provides all SIP data for those who know how it works and want to use their own. VoIP with SIP is still possible, but mostly needs using a special SIP provder. In Switzerland, they will provide an enhanced analog phone for private clients (Home), using the technology from the last millenium…


My 2 cents

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the NEthvoice Github Repo has been a case study for me actually.

TBH its actually the one App that motivated me to begin building nethserver 8 Apps, because it showed me whats possible with some other crazy ass Apps i have never been able to deploy on linux

Enterprise license is not required to fully use Nethvoice, as it was enterprise before, but now its opensource
for advanced enterprisey features, like auto provisioning by scanning mac address, softphone and support, you would need enterprise license of NethServer(unless there is Nethvoice only support).

THis is the case in Kenya as well, the setup is also abit complicated

in most caes we have to go through third party provider, AfricasTalking seems to be the monopoly in the African region for these kind of things,

But for me, I can see Some opportunities in the East African Region, Hopefully NEthvoice Upscales that one. I do have some direct telco integration with Artel though, since we share some data center space on the ISP side of things. would need to figure out how the connections work with Nethvoice

Thank you by all the dev team, we appreciate this a lot

Enterprise license is not required to fully use Nethvoice, as it was enterprise before, but now its opensource
for advanced enterprisey features, like auto provisioning by scanning mac address, softphone and support, you would need enterprise license of NethServer(unless there is Nethvoice only support).


On VoIP providers, we certified some Italian providers because is our main market right now, but we could also do the same with providers from other countries in the future

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WOuld be happy to work with you guys for providers in Kenya and Uganda, can also engage my other collegues in Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi for similar, but tbh, if you can integrate with Safaricom, Airtel and MTN, then you should be able to do the same with all other providers in the entire Africa.