Subscription on a Debian based installation

For subscriptions it says “Available only on Rocky Linux based systems”. Is it planned/possible to use a subscription also on a Debian based installation?

No, Nethesis support is available only on Rocky Linux and there are no plans for now about extending the support to Debian.

This throwed the distro-agnosticy into the bin.
Neverthless makes sense: Rocky Linux is far closer to CentOS 7 than Debian 12

Nope, it remains. We’re just talking about subscription here.

If anyone is foreseeing any kind of support from Nethesis will opt for Debian 12? I don’t think so.
Anyway, personal consideration only.

Don’t lose hope! Who knows? Maybe one day people in Nethesis will change their minds and offer support to Debian, too…


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Would be cool…

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As sysadmin of a business, deploying a system today, Davide and Alessio…
And this is system is not your usual bread and butter, but the “dishwasher”, or “the power generator”, which should work as intended, when intended and for the longest time possible… would you choose a setup that will invalid the warranty and won’t let you access to the OEM support or the one that the OEM supports and sell maintenance contracts for?

The post I’m writting today stays for what there is today. And reports things decided for the project and for the business by Nethesis took until now. I’m not calling the prophecy “debian support will die soon”. I don’t know and frankly it’s pointless. Because people (mostly) and things change. I mean… IBM sold several valuable piece of business along the way that “did not make sense to sold”. Lexmark, Lenovo, ACG…

I’m not blaming anyone for that, there are reasons and these might or might not suitable for the possibile customers, not my place for two reasons (i don’t know which there are and I’m not part of the project nor the company). But the “soon”, “hope”, “will”. Guys that’s software. I’m catholic and this is not even a church.

Please. Drop it off :slight_smile:

At least facts are stated by Alessio in the 6th paragraph.
Not in the title
Not in the firsts five.
However a interesting yet true point is reported:

Nethesis is not a big corporation so we need to concentrate our efforts, and we have decided to focus on Rocky.

This translates to me as “not enough resources”.

On the other hand: supporting from start only RockyLinux makes a lot of sense. Is much closer to CentOS than Debian 12, starting from the backward similarities between CentOS 7 and “what CentOS 9 should have been, without IBM poking swords into RedHat”.
But after Armonk, Palo Alto is coming to crack off the homelab/tinkerer market segment.

Nope, it’s just matter of “focus”. Do less, Better.


i think, itss good that NS8 does support Debain and other platform as well, however the fact that support is not offer on other distros, its like forcing eveyone who would wish to have support in future to install that distro,

Also, for someone who just uses and prefer debian, they may not be inclined to acquire support, which is potentially revenue loss for your end.

WHat happens if tommorrow another bigger issue befalls rocky linux, so far debian has been the stable most coherent of all distros…

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You can install ns8 on Debian and if you need commercial support move seamlessly on Rocky.


Ok. NS8 released “Doing less, better”.
Lacking of some modules (asterisk missing, as current state)
Several bugs in the wild (including virtual hosts which seems quite important for the access to the containers) .
Please, do not provide os how “less better” could this be. :slight_smile:

I mean… Only 1 RC has been honored. However April rather than May could be the correct timing for a completely functional NS8 status, IMVHO.

aterix wont be coming in its current state What exactly is NethVoice? - #7 by Stll0

Thank you man, but you forgot that NethServer is a community project. So beyond telling us what’s wrong, what do you think to start to give your contribution? :slight_smile:
Everyone can help to make NethServer “better” and as you said there’s still plenty of room for improvement


And, sometime it takes alot of lobbying, but hey, it gets the job done

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shouldn’t the community subscription (the first one) be available for all distros ?

I’d be willing to show support but I’m on Debian :slight_smile:

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Take a look below, please let’s move there the conversation.

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