What do you think about a new translation platform?

Yes sir, an old 2950 cisco…my preferred :slight_smile:

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I moved a post to a new topic: Translation of online help files

Today I’ve managed to set up the localization framework. These are the tasks it currently performs:

  • extracts resources from source git repositories
  • pulls resources from Transifex
  • builds an RPM package for each language, containing all localized resources.

What it still doesn’t do:

  • update resources on Transifex from source code

This is the git repository:

Next week we should tweak the Server Manager to support the new localization packages.

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Wonderful @davidep thanks for you work!

18 contributors on Transifex! That’s awesome! :cocktail:

We need reviewers, one for each language. Who want to come forward?

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@alefattorini I can help review

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@giacomo please add @jgjimenezs as spanish reviewer

Thanks you, I have been reviewing various translations and corrected some technical words.

will try to create the rpm package and review the best made changes.


I Love NethServer :heart_eyes:

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I will build the langpacks after closing this issue

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Thanks @davidep :+1:

When I was first looking at Nwthserver, I was a bit worried about the lack of localisation / langauges, but I am happy to see that there is some momentum with translations.

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Hi @medworthy , could you help with English or any other language translation?

Transifex is a very comfortable platform!

I moved a post to an existing topic: NethServer Localizations ready to test

Impressive! :hushed: :hushed: :hushed:
What are you doing people???

I moved a post to a new topic: Show the whole sentence in Transifex

A lot of work since last time :+1: compare it with image above!


After 10 months the report is changed a lot. 21 new contributors and around 1K new words translated

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I like this kind of working together on something big. Thats the reason for pushing “German” to 100% yesterday by myself :smile:


My compliments! :+1: So you should join the Translations Team! take a look at this discussions

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New language: Serbian!
And a few uncompleted translations, any volunteer?