What do you think about a new translation platform?

I’ve read this article with a strong interest:
http://dbhurley.com/scaling-applications-global-communities/ by @dbhurley
and these sentences help me to thinking about new improvements for NethServer Community

Languages are an important pillar in the building of a global community.

If you want your application to be globally accepted, to scale to the size of a world-wide audience then you must consider the value of languages, both in word and in meaning.

Well, chatting privately with @oleg_sadov (nice russian guy!) I’m wondering that we absolutely need a translation platform for make NethServer multi-lingual

I aware that a lot members here know spanish (@mabeleira @jgjimenezs @msx @jmaillour), hungarian ( @WolfAddict) russian (@oleg_sadov), french (@stephdl), dutch (@jelle @Lincee ), portuguese ( @pedro_gustavo), german ( @Karl_Muller and @bernhard_weber) and other languages! Why don’t use this amazing know-how?
I worked on https://www.transifex.com/ in the past and I know it pretty well, easy to learn and to use from the beginnning.

Please reply below with your comments and eventually your willingness to start translating and in which language.

@davidep @giacomo how much effort is expected for us to make NethServer working with Transifex, for example?


Agreed! I’ve translated Loomio on Transifex in Dutch and it works great! I’d like to participate in the Dutch translation.


are there other languages than english in IT? :stuck_out_tongue: eheheh

btw i agree , but there must be a section for every language in discourse

No, i mean multi-language just for NethServer interface not for this community. Multi-language community means fragmented informations and a lot of efforts to translate announcements or community stuff…
Maybe I’m wrong but for me this is mandatory in fact is among community rules http://community.nethserver.org/faq#english

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Absolutely, I do want a dutch NethServer! :wink:

I remember our discussion we have had at the ‘Mort Subite’, Repositories and Translations

Repositories are in the right direction, now it lacks Translations

+1 Alessio


Always great discussions are made in front of a great beer!

Yes I’m still in for the Hungarian translation, I did such before (for some smaller projects)


@alefattorini cuenta conmigo para la traducción, Excellent idea, I will support the translation into Spanish.


I can help with the spanish translation also


Hi! I am happy to help translating the project to greek


Happy To know man. Welcome aboard! I really like Greek people, as my friends @giuse and @Stll0 :wink:
Thank you for your willingness

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Another one here to help with Spanish!

Also, I may be able to help translate NS into Finnish too; while I’m just a novice at it I’m sure my Finns friends could lend me a hand here.


Wow thanks guys, much interest here :slight_smile: Who else?

We need a little bit of work.
First of all, we should rewrite some parts of the core to correctly handle many languages, maybe we will steal some parts from Symfony framework.
Then we need to setup an automatic system to push and pull translation from Transifex, finally, someone should review the translations before merging into the master git branch.

This is work is in our todo list since a while (4 or 5 months) but we didn’t have a chance to get it done.
Probably we will need 1 (maybe 2) weeks of work.

I hope to plan it soon!
I will let you know :smile:

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So do I! It could be a big step for our community :smile:
So, making a recap:

Who else?


Hi! I can help with Spanish too!

I can help with GERMAN too!


Here you are the new experiment: https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/nethserver/

We are planning to create a new git repository where all languages (except English and Italian) will be collected.
From this repository we will create multiple language packs in rpm format.

What do you think?
The entire process is still a work in progress :smile:

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