What do you think about a mug?


No it’s not a bug report…
No it’s not an error typing the keyboard, it’s a suggestion for a MUG :smiley:

Initially, I’d posted in the super member program topic, where the subject is about tee-shirt, stickers, badges… But there’s no mug ? :laughing:

It may be ideal to add a mug…
At the front of Nethserver gui.
The mouse in the right hand :point_right: … The mug in the left :point_left:

Edit: Rewrite after split… To put a little backgroud, a context.


Sounds good! I vote YES !

Of course, we should work on merchandise… do you have any good site to suggest?
Times ago @giacomo pointed me out https://represent.com/features

Since coffee is the first need for survival, a mug is definitely a good idea!

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We should switch the discussion here Nethserver goodies proposal