Nethserver goodies proposal


I was thinking about the Nethserver tee-shirt… I think this one is really cool.
And, I was imagining a really cool guy, walking in the street with awesome tee-shirt… with a CAP.

A black cap with the Nethserver Logo but not only… The logo and an embroidered badge like the Promoter badge or Great topic badge.

Or in other way the black cap with only the Nethserver logo.
And a physical badge, a real badge " Promoter", or a real badge" Great Topic"," How to team",“Contributor”…

What do you think?

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I’m the only one bald who need a “couvre-chef” here? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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We’re printing new stickers to send as gifts also I’m sending our t-shirts to great members!
I like also the mug proposal, but it’s not easy to find a store which create it with our logo

I think in Europe, I can be difficult to do such task… No factory to produce mug… Perhaps little enterprise to personalize but not sure too.

It give me an idea :hotsprings: :
Make a page with logo at the real scale, just to print, to permit users to self made such stuff.
Here I south america, it’s easy to print T-Shirt, to broder a cap… Perhaps personalize the mug too :wink:

[off topic]
I already share with you, Alessio, my doubts about Brazilian "Correios"
I’m receive nothing yet :weary:

But let be optimist… The stuff will arrive for Christmas :grinning:
[/off topic]

Sorry I’ll send gifts next week!

So the stuff will arrive for Carnaval :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: