What are you working on this week? Nov 2020

Hi NethServerians
again I 'd like hearing what other people do over the course of their day. What challenges they face and what keeps them up at night.

So what specifically are you working on at the moment? Are you setting up a new NethServer installation? Any nice story to tell? Any success?

Let’s give a big, warm welcome to our new members from this past weeks: 50 new faces!
If you’re new here, make yourself at home and welcome to NethServer Community :

I’d like to ping also @bernardo @flatspin @Rico_Van_Holderbeke @Andy_Wismer @MadOp @mmaridev @france @geofxgt @Vagn_Eriksen what are you working this week?


Hi Alessio, Hi all,

quite unexpected to be mentioned here, thank you! :grin:
So… I had quite a lot to do with NethServer in the last two weeks. I’ve been working with the NethServer-Docker plugin (always been interested in running Docker there). At the moments works great, just need to realize how to setup the firewall correctly.
Immediately afterwards the server I was working on started crashing during the night, leaving a kernel stack-trace on the console. Updated the kernel to the latest LTS (4.4) and set vm.dirty_ratio=10 in sysctl solved the problem that hasn’t appeared again (thank you @syntaxerrormmm) .

Another issue I’ve been working on for a client was regarding smart-working. This clients wanted to access remotely their desktops. In a first step, when they worked max 1 per time remotely, they used a VM but due to the current situation they need to work more from home. They started leaving they’re PCs turned on but let’s face it… it was not environmental-friendly at all. I decided to setup Guacamole, the version 1.2.0 has built-in WOL that should have solved this problem. At the end of the day this was not true at all… there has been many problem we (I need to thank @mrmarkuz) described in this thread such as that epel does not provide the latest version of Guacamole’s daemon guacd.

Hope you guys are all fine! Stay safe,


Well I spent two days with @filippo_carletti and the nethserver course, it was really something amazing.

I tested and troubleshooted the oletools thank to @davidep and @capote, we will have a better tools with a new version.

I pushed a new version of dolibarr and stephdl rpm.

Well still opened to ideas


Just had a lot of fun with the superb NethServer course by @filippo_carletti. And today already studying hard for Linux Foundation bootcamp Cloud Engineer. So doing LFS201 (linux sysadmin) and LFCE (k8S).

I will be busy with these courses until summer next year and hope to pass the exams somewhere between March and Juli 2021.

In the meantime I contacted a few people in my network to get more info on how FOSDEM2021 will be held. If anyone want to do a 10 minute presentation on a special way of using NethServer, please contact me. I would be interested in topics like the use of zammad ticketing (or another solution) or zabbix monitoring.
And if anyone is using special ways of (federated) communication with NethServer, that could be an interesting topic too.
For the rest, stay safe and healthy.



This week is preparing for a small client, replacing Win2012 & Win2019 with a single NethServer on Proxmox.

I don’t see any probs there, more with the german Telekom (Firewall / Modem but there’s also VoIP there with a “black box”…

Tuesday is the day of truth! :slight_smile:



YESSSSSS… gpo, Roaming profiles, security groups, proxy gpos (we don’t need that) already embedded into nethserver… We are here in case but you are already the man…

My 1000 Swiss francs


If you have the scheme that you have in mind… I love to see how you will implement that😊

My 1000 Swiss francs


Salut Vitor

I’ll post a Zabbix view of what it looks like…

Our New Firewalls:

These are PCengines boards with Quad Core AMD SOC CPU, 4 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD and 4 Intel Gigabit NICs. No moving Parts. OPNsense customized.

Proxmox and NethServer, also the Qnap NAS for Backups are already set up on the new hardware. Tuesday I need to move this stuff to the client, and start to migrate data, mail and whatever…

This Proxmox has no shared storage, as a single server it’s not needed. Backups are always needed!

NethServer will be AD, the old AD will be demoted to member server and virtualized in Proxmox (It’s running one of two ERPs, both are windows “server” programs). Afterwards, all servers will be in Proxmox, only the NAS is outside.

Mes deux centimes

Salut Andy

Tout va bien?

Did you put mdadm raid on proxmox or jbods like😜

I almost had recently an dell rackserver R790 for 300 CHF stuff I refused… Because of the space at home and I have tried to forward to my ancient boss, he didn’t accept because of possible noise, since the rack box was in the administration office… Dommage :sob::sob::sob:

Hi Andy, do you sell these pre-installed devices?
Or where can it be bought as bare metal?
Or only the components for self assembling via https://www.apu-board.de/

Sincerely, Marko



In Germany best is here:

This is the detail page, the modell is a APU.4D4 (Quad Core CPU, 4 GB RAM, 4 Intel NICs)

Get a 120 GB SSD, and you also get a top Proxy!

Here you also support the Project:

Nice hardware, pre assembled… The one with two OPNsenses in one box, along with two PSU (Power Supplies) is nice for a space restrained Rack, with a High Availability 1HE Dual Firewall. Both OPNsenses are really completly separate…

My 2 cents



I am new to Nethserver, or Proxmox. Have experience on Windows Server, but not new to Linux.

Looking to setup NethServer (Active Directory), PFsense, Zabbix Server in Docker with backup of VM and Shared files on NAS.

Till now installed PVE and NethServer, and experimenting. Unable to installed Server 2019 in PVE – Disk or Driver not found Error.

I am bit confused related to the Shared NFS and Backup via Proxmox.


Hi @nio707 and welcome to the NethServer community.
If you open a support topic in the forums then we can try to help you solving your problem. I hope you enjoy both NethServer and this community.

Thanks @robb Greetings to all community. I came across an answer given by a gentleman who have about 25-30 clients and 35+ years of experience, though which I came to know about Proxmox and Nethserver (I lost the link). Though I installed Nethserver and Zenthyal before in my Desktop’s Qemu, to have a glimse, but found the much supportive community. Looking forward to be the part of this wonderful community. I will raise the topic as soon as possible.


I need to recheck the Guacamole module Wake on Lan function and maybe implement the wrapper solution by @mmaridev
I also had a nice time in this weeks great course by @filippo_carletti
I want to release new versions of savapage and moodle modules but lack of time…



Welcome to the NethServer Forum!

From the description it could be me… :slight_smile:

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Can even suggest https://www.miniserver.it/ (Italy)




Nice and thx for the link, but their prices are quite high for just screwing the box together…
Here, the APU.4D4 costs around CHF 160.- including 120 GB SSD, QuadCore CPU, 4 GB RAM and 4 NICs…

My 2 cents

Yes, Hi Andy Greetings.


Hi Tejas

I’m using Zabbix (Monitoring, available as Module for NethServer) as my Networking Illustration platform.
I think they look far better than the usual 1990s look by Visio…
The feedback I get here from this Forum also implies that a lot of people like the illustrations - you’re about the fifteenth who’s asked that question!

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