What are you working on? Feb 2021

Keep them quite well vented. Lithium batteries can become a too much hot ladies.

LiFePO4 is reported to be much safer than most other lithium chemistries. Power density suffers, naturally, but they’re quite safe–and have a much better cycle life than lead-acid.

I posted a few weeks back that the CA seems to work just fine for TLS certs, and that continues to be the case. I’ve shelved Gluu for the time being in favor of LemonLDAP::NG, which I’ve discussed more here:

I’m a little unclear on how to use the CA to issue both TLS and SSH certs, but once I get that piece figured out, I think I’ll have what I need to put them together.

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Oh man sounds great!

ahahaha sounds great!

I am working on a new desk

between this walls without a frame

we have something similar with bracket on the radiator

Hope next weekend it will be ready in the first parts …

Or you use the “free” energie to build Bitcoins… that stores some money :wink:

So to wrap up the solar project a bit, the inverter:

The batteries:

And the monitoring dashboard:



Looks really good, the whole setup!

now it is ready :slight_smile: bewtter usabel, some nice things will follow when my tools are fixed


Which direction is the window facing ?

yes but is only in the morning sun, and it is the north of german
Window looking east side

Hi, How did you setup these inputs in Grafana ? Which Sensor device is sending the metrics ?

I’m using a somewhat-customized version of Grafana called Kotori:

Pretty much it’s “throw JSON at it”. That’s done by this software, which talks with both the inverter and the BMS:


Thanks, will look at this, specially Kotori for my own personal project

I’m tired about my scapegoat.
Therefore… yum install kmod-r8168, let’s see if my DG31PR stops being lazy…


  • IKEv2 tunnel starts jumping (cr4p)
  • Zyxel Firewalls seems to have some “snafus” on HTTPS (25 firewalls needed some new rule)
  • qLocker got my friend (“Do you have have a backup?” “Pick one: no; absolutely no; what is a backup?”)
  • new customer with old pc and dubious licenses
  • 4 hours of sleep

And worst of all

  • too hot to have a nice round of single malt

Happy saturday to everyone…

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New weekend, new headache.
Did someone whispered “PrintNightmare”?

Patch did’t came! (wrong CVE, me dumb)

NOW patch are available even for bad 2008 R2. Wonderful.

Saturday Tasklist…

  • Update Windows Server 2019, two units. Check
  • Update Windows Server 2012 R2, four units. Check
  • Update WIndows Server 2012, three units. Check
  • Update, reboot, cursed, rollback, re-updated update tools, than updated Windows Server 2008 R2. Check
  • Install SQL Server Express 2008 R2 + 4 updates . Check
  • Update QNAP NASes, 6 units. Check
  • Update NethServer installs, 7 units. Check
  • Update Zyxel Firewalls, 8 units. Check
  • Update HPE And Aruba Switch firmwares, 5 units. Check
  • Update Zyxel APs, 25 units. Check
  • Getting a life. Ongoing…

For jinx England Soccer Team, i can wait Sunday evening.

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So that part took a little bit of doing, which I’ve documented here:

And the “SSO for SSH” with LemonLDAP::NG is working well, as described here: