What about dolibarr on NethServer?


Man, you’re even worse than that other guy–at least he gave a link to what he was talking about… :wink:

Except for the major difference that you’re likely to make it happen, rather than just toss out a request for something without any explanation…





Dan, this made me laugh!

But I know @stephdl from before NethServer (SME-Server…), and you’re absolutely right about your accessment of him… He makes it happen, usually he’s already finished before he posts things!

Both: Keep up the good work!


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As do I (well, “know” might be an exaggeration, but “recognize” at least)–I was using SME before it was SME (back in the e-smith 3.x days, IIRC), until a couple of years ago when I moved to Neth.

But more on-topic, I recall discussions here (and installation instructions) for several CRM solutions–Odoo, Flectra, Vtiger, an earlier topic about Dolibarr, etc. It might be helpful to have some discussion of what would make one of them preferable over the others.


ERP: As close a licensing / payment modell as NethServers.
Most, if not all options freely available.
Rock solid!

No prioritization in the above features…


yes this is a good question indeed, in France we have killed the market of free (as free beer) CRM and ERP, because your installation must be certified by a company if you add a VAT. This to avoid you could change some invoices and do not declare all the money you earned. This certification is removed after an upgrade of version, even minor.

Obviously it only concerns the France market, and now a lot of cloud dolibarr installation are made because the certification is easier…

Now for the choice of dolibarr…we use it a lot in France for associations, it is free, I did not take consideration about a real ERP because often this software need to be installed by an expert, it is not only drop a mysql db and a web application, most of works come after…

It doesn’t worth the effort IMHO

Sure you don’t need it but if it’s of any use, I’ve zipped a test I did some time ago (.spec, notes and something else I no longer remember). It was with rh-php72 but now could be replaced with rh-php73, the .spec only of dolibarr build, almost no work was done for nethserver-dolibarr:
dolibarr.zip (111.0 KB)
nethserver-dolibarr.zip (16.1 KB)



Didn’t know that you needed a certified ERP provider in France… CRM surely not, as CRM doesn’t use VAT, but as often coupled with ERP, so it might still be necessary (to be certified).
Or do you need to specify your CRM in France?

Whatever happened to the concept of Liberté? :wink:

Each country tries to protect their “market”… ;-(

My 2 cents

We are not more the country of freedom and human rights, we elect a king for 5 years :smiley:


french inside but I bet you can read it


And the kings hairdresser earns more than I do! :frowning:
It definitely NOT Macaroni… :slight_smile:



Hi, what are your plans with it? I personally tested it abt a year ago on with debian. Just to get an idea if I can use it instead of my accounting software. I liked it because its easy to use/handle…

make a module, but in a disabled repository, I want the sysadmin decides when update the software,

Oh, sounds good. I am in home-office for a few days. I can help you to test it if you like?

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What a nice people you have for parliament and collecting taxes…


You have to update first my rpm

yum install nethserver-stephdl --enablerepo=stephdl

then install dolibarr

yum install nethserver-dolibarr --enablerepo=stephdl-dolibarr

restricted to private, after any changes : signal-event nethserver-dolibarr-update

[root@ns7loc14 ~]# config show dolibarr 
    access=private   # public
    status=enabled   # disabled

once installed

go to https://server/dolibarr

login : admin
pwd :  admin

I did this module first in mind for association, so the association members module is enabled by default.


Hi Stephane and others, hope you’re fine in this … hum … “special time” (?), good news here :wink:
Do you kniow “Michel Andre” has released complete documentation for few month in order to install Dolibarr on Nethserver (he posted it here) ?
I use it on sme-server for 5 year now and IMO, it is the best CRM & ERP (I don’t have give a try to others)
Attestation/certification is only for business in shop (vente au comptoir) or in general for VAT…
Another process to hold-up in our “tiroir-caisse” :imp:
EDIT : I’ve find a company (preferred dolibarr partner who’ve check my installation and sold me an attestation for 120€ (it is valuable for minus-update but not major versions)


I think I am close to make the samba AD connection, it is workable on my test machine…

Yes I think so, dolibarr is a software for shop/company/association. Easy to take in hand mostly when a big ERP will be a pain to be configured.

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released as version 0.0.4

LDAP authentitcation
backup of mysql db each night

need to write a dokuwiki page


i will test it, but i cant stephdl repository is unreachable.

Error getting repository data for stephdl, repository not found