Weekly welcome to new members - 25 Jul 16


Needed a replacement for my E-Smith server as it ran out of magic pixies when they escaped into that blue star dust with a vapid and horrible smell here in the shack…

That was over a year ago when I installed the neth.

Been super impressed. Love reading new stuff.

So many things to do… Time rewind… some-time?

Tips all.


Glad you’re here Nuno and thanks for jumping in and saying hi. I look forward to hearing more about your progress. If there is anything specific that you’d like to brainstorm, feel free to kick off a new topic at any time!

Are you planning new installations?

Welcome to the community here, it’s great to hear from you :slight_smile:
Can you add more details about you? IT professional, sysadmin or hobbiest? Where are you from?

Hello all, I must say that this forum is quite a bit different from most of the other linux forums I’ve been part of. Those who respond are very friendly , not condescending, and respond pretty quickly. I’m currently working on a server for the church I attend, it’s been a goal for awhile to upgrade the current infrastructure. We currently have a cable modem feeding a linksys e1000, I have 4 of them spread out thru the church all of them running ddwrt. The first off the cable modem is the dhcp server the others just pass dhcp to the main, all the wireless use the same ssid with each router using a different channel with this setup I can roam from one end of building to the other and not drop connection. One of them is setup as a WAP for the printer because the room the printer is in has no lan jacks. My primary goal for the upgrade is to move the network processing to something more robust, I’ve got a dell 2950 I’ve been trying different solutions with. I’ve tried centos, ClearOS, running proxmox to have pfsense on a vm to segment network tasks, couldn’t get traffic to pass between vm’s so I gave that up. This has been an on and off venture for about a year and last week I decided to revive the project and started searching for solutions again, not sure how I missed nethserver before but I found it this time around and boy was I happy.
The main things I want to accomplish are:
Have separate vlans for public and office use,
Throttle public bandwidth,
Owncloud capability to gain cloud storage space, currently using Dropbox and we are maxed out.

Things that would be nice would be to move our website local, and a mail server.

About me, I’ve always love toying with computers ever since I was young they’ve just always fascinated me. In 2000 after coming back to the states after being stationed in Germany I finally took the plunge and built my own computer, I broke windows 98 more times than I can remember learning new stuff. One night I was going thru the barracks for something and the individual on guard duty was in the day room and had his pc there playing with something I hadn’t seen before, I asked him what is was and where he got it. It was linux and he told me I could get it for free just download it from the Internet, that was it I was intrigued. When I got home I did some searching and found there was all kinds of linux you could get, I had to try as many as I could!!! I probably downloaded a dozen or so and quickly found out some were way better than others and most required a certain level of knowledge about the hardware which took me a little bit to figure out. Over the years I’ve strayed away for a time but always coming back to one of the best OS’s on the planet.

I’m really looking forward to 7 being RTM, I’m using it in beta now to see if I can fit it into what I’m trying to do. Sorry for the book, glad to be a part of this community.


I’ve posted a couple of times but missed the introductions so here I am - thanks for the reminder @alefattorini.

From Portugal, just started learning sysadmin a few months ago driven by the motivation of taking control over my data and learning the tools to be independent of big corporate structures in an ever more technological (controlled) society. As a business owner I’m also motivated to create a work structure that will enable teams and individuals to work and contribute from anywhere in the planet.

Currently using NS 6.8 deployed on a VPS mostly for SOGo and private chat server but I plan to make it the main gateway to the company with the new NS7 (looking forward to the new security enhancements applied to green networks).

Besides of NS, i use a range of other self-hosted services, some for professional use (such as owncloud or plex media center) some for professional use (Alfresco, which i found out through NS team, mautic for marketing campaigns, suiteCRM, etc) and some general servers such as an email server and pbx to organize the many SIP extensions and DID numbers I’ve been collecting through the years.

Really appreciate the sense of community in this project and the availability of the core team to troubleshoot and assist less knowledgeable individuals such as myself. I’m very much looking forward to the future of NS and hope to contribute in any way I can.


Welcome to all the brothers and sisters in this initiation ceremony of our tribe NethServer.

This is a space to engage with collective intelligence, as is natural in the communities where the knowledge is free and liberator, our higher value-added.

Especially Spanish speakers, to invite them to meet us in our native language in the space of #chat and so strengthen our ties to provide knowledge more fluid to this global community.

As well as for Spanish there are spaces for German, Portuguese, … and if your space #chat does not exist you can request to create it. :sunglasses:

An excellent contribution we can provide to the software that gathers us together, as a tribe, is to contribute to the translations, whose orientation is in charge of our Shaman @jgjimenezs

You can also contribute, by translating the wiki, telling a joke or sharing a photo. The most important thing is your participation :thumbsup:

Hoping that our actions generate collective well-being, welcome.


Have you installed Mautic? I like it! Installing it on NethServer would be awesome.

You might be interested in news like this:

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my name is Marian and I am from Slovakia. I work for one big reinsurance company and actually my job has nothing to do with IT.
The thing is, I was always interested to know more in the IT area, therefore I am boy for everything IT in one small company. I am doing that as my side job, mostly in my free time. There are approx. 15 people only … so installation & setup of windows computers, networks, printers, … Pretty much of everything.
I was satisfied user of Zentyal quite some time (non-paid version) and I have it at home as well. However limiting/removing some functionalities forced me to find something else, which is working, easy to understand & administer. Then I’ve found NS and installed it into a VM and I liked it much. So I’ve installed it in the company and soon (once I find some time for that) I am planning to do the same at home.

Thank you guys for the great work you do. I cannot express enough how I appreciate that. I am a linux noob, therefore it is many times difficult for me to understand logic behind something, however having the GUI in NS makes everything very friendly for me.


Hi all,

My name is Raul Casado and I am a Project Manager in a IT infrastructure project for the regional government in Andalusia, Spain. In me free time, I help some SMEs to transform their IT infraestructure in order to be up to day.

I am not running actually Nethserver but I really like linux and the community projects that arise around it. I arrived here because I read a Google+ post and I found really interesting the purpose of the project.

I am installing an instance in a VirtualBox VM in order to try and learn how it works.

Thanks for such a great work.

Best regards.

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Great! Our great members @Miko10 @pelo are from Slovakia too, at this point we need a Slovakian translation of NethServer.

Happy to hear this! Please let us now how it’s going with your company/home installation.
Just asking, how do you have found NethServer?

You have to meet our @mabeleira, he’s working for government too in Uruguay.

That’s great! it seems that social network stuff work well :smiley:

What do you think about NethServer? Does it suit SMEs needs?

Ehi @apradoc looks like our @spanish_team has a new guy to add.

:blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

We will happy to help you with your goals :slight_smile:
How do you found us? What did you look for?

Do you have any plan for future installations?

I have two instances of freepbx installed for over a year now - one of them is in standby in case the other goes down. Freepbx is a great piece of kit and minimal on resources. I find it great that it is being incorporated into the NS but I would be concerned of it sharing resources with other applications - is it possible to isolate or allocate dedicated resources to asterisk within the server so quality doesn’t drop if the VPS is under strain from other apps?

Another project I would like to see incorporated into NS is turtl - https://turtl.it/ - Its a secure sync server to host notes, pictures and other clips. I’ve struggled to find a secure self-hosting application to host specific information which I only want to be accessible by me and that it is kept encrypted while stored and transmitted. turtl seems to be a great implementation of this idea. Moreover, the project is hosted on an it domain, which leads me to believe the core project is based in Italy (as Nethserver ?)

A final suggestion for another project I recently came across to implement a chat client that can make use of the XMPP server in NS - https://www.jsxc.org/ - They have implementation for owncloud and SOGo (which I’m currently using) and I thought it could be an interesting chat client to incorporate into NS (or the owncloud/SOGo apps within).

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Well, to be frank … I was googling a bit and this post convinced me to the change.

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Alessio, I came across your project via Google search. I either landed on distrowatch or one of the many ** best linux server distros articles.

I might try to cabbage a older desktop together for a home nethserver project but for the moment I’m just planning on installing on my dell 2950.

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Sometimes it works as you expect :wink:

I have not tried it yet. I am installing it on a virtual machine. I’m quite slowly because I do in my spare time, which is pretty lame. Besides, I’m a man of strong emotions, so I’ve gone straight to version 7 beta1.:sweat_smile:

In my view SMEs, especially those with fewer than 20 employees, they need IT solutions that have a low cost and high performance. But they lose the opportunity to make it a competitive advantage.

I’m happy to help!


Hello All…time to introduce myself as well.

My names’s Charles and I’m from Canada eh. Been using Linux off and on from 2008. You would think this would make me very experienced but I’m far from it but willing to learn and I’m learning something new everyday. :wink:

I’ve been supporting our small family business from an IT perspective for the past 8 years in my spare time. Learned a lot in that time but the cobbled together systems we have in place is never exactly what I wanted for a finished system…but they work.

  • Where possible we use virtual machines (Proxmox) for our entire list of services. But our security gateway is a physical server.
  • We use Untangle as our security gateway (physical box - DHCP, DNS, Firewall, Intrusion Protection, Web Filter).
  • We have an old Zentyal virtual machine which is only used as our PDC (no AD of course).
  • We have a newer ClearOS virtual machine server running our Zarafa Mail.
  • We have ownCloud to serve up online (local lan only) PDF documents for our standard operating procedures.

Everything works fine…but it feels fractured. And there are pieces missing that I want to either upgrade or install.

  • Zarafa has a chat client feature within WebApp. Would love to be able to drop in a ejabberd server and get chat working.
  • Zentyal at one time looked promising but recent events within their community (the direction they took on features and their forums) has kept me away from doing anything more with Zentyal and upgrading it. I really need to replace it and install a new PDC.
  • I don’t want to keep my DHCP and DNS servers on our physical Untangle box.
  • With the turmoil in the ownCloud community, Nextcloud is looking much more promising for us. Would like to replace our ownCloud with Nextcloud.

ClearOS is a very good suite but I see that Nethserver has similar features (and more) that would greatly benefit our little company. And to be honest, I’m blown away by the community forums. I’ve never seen such a happy and helpful group of individuals who are very responsive to any level of experience from the community. I haven’t installed Nethserver (yet) but just reading the forums is convincing me to take Nethserver for a spin and see if it can be a replacement for most of my fractured systems.

I’m very happy with Zarafa since we just implemented it last summer. So I’m very hesitant to move away (and transfer all that mail) to a new mail server. I’m not even sure how I would start to move off of Zarafa to Netserver mail. :slight_smile: So at this point in time I think I will need to keep my ClearOS server if only for our Zarafa mail.

But I think I’ll go ahead and install Nethserver and take it for a spin:

  • Not sure how to setup Nethserver behind our Untangle gateway yet…I’ll need to read up more on that point.
  • Nethserver looks like it will do fine as our PDC replacement. Would love to use Samba4 one day and have a full Linux AD in place…one day (and I see that Nethserver 7 will give me what I need).
  • Nethserver would do fine as a DHCP/DNS replacement for our Untangle box.
  • I’ll have to investigate on how to install Nextcloud on Nethserver. Since you have ownCloud module perhaps a Nextcloud module will follow?
  • Another point with Nextcloud is it’s version control feature for documents (checkin/checkout) which was missing from ownCloud (it was available as a plugin module instead I believe).
  • I’ll have to try out the Nethserver ejabberd server and see if I can get it connected to our Zarafa WebApp chat widget.

Lots to try out but since this is my part time (fun) job my time is limited. But if things work out for me and my Nethserver testing I will definitely stick around and do my best to help out!

Thanks for listening to my loooong post.


We’re working on FreePBX + Asterisk for NethServer, are you willing you to help us?

Looks nice but unfortunately, I don’t see any rpm for CentOS :frowning:

Lately, I made some tests with Mattermost looks very promising. @alep has tested a chat app on NetxtCloud as well.
Let’s open a new topic so we can go further!

Happy to hear that! This comparison rocks! :ok_hand:

I’d like to see how that goes, please keep me posted!

Indeed, NethServer is a good fit for SMEs

Awesome! I love this. We have many guys here experts on ClearOS - Zentyal - Untangle - Zarafa
they will be more than happy to help you with your experiments :slight_smile:
@robb @mark_nl @bwdjames @Jim @Asrix


I see you made a comment about adding FreePBX + asterix, I’d be interested in testing if I can help in any way. What hardware would be needed for such a test?

You should reply to this topic
I think You can test it on a standard NethServer hardware.