Weekly welcome to new members - 24 Oct 16

Good Monday NethServer Family!
What’s going on? As NethServer community we’re having momentum, around 1000 posts in the last 2 weeks (I’ll post some stats soon) :fearful: :fearful: :fearful:
Anyway I don’t believe you didn’t know Saltimbocca is released! Run and download it right now! :inbox_tray:

Now let’s talk about serious things because we’re here to welcome the 28 new faces that have joined the family last week. As veterans know, every Monday WE personally welcome our new blood asking them to feel immediately comfortable and prepared to post about what they are looking for or what they need help with.

Feel safe, don’t be shy, NO RTFM HERE

Please comment below and tell us:

  • What you’re working on this week?
  • Who are you?
  • What brings you to NethServer?
  • Do you have already installed it?

Ehiiii looking to you:

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Welcome all to the family NethServer, Do not hesitate to ask, here support you and give solutions to their unknowns.


Hi All,

What you’re working on this week?
Well…,as I told you, I’ll install NS7 this week(have to find a Monitor in the cellar) and try it out.
But, how can i help the community? So my skills are really away from the required but here they are:

  • Any questions to MS Word are for me!!!
  • MSSQL, me!
  • A little bit java - used to know but rusty as my English…C#
  • OOXML(Word and any other MS Office) me!
  • Standardization, modularization for better documentation and translation therefor I can help but just know only proprietary software TMS, editor etc.
  • bad English:D

Who are you?
I like to get “privat” User of NS7 to handle my little family network. I’m a Windows user with too much wishes… and tooo much questions for Linux;-)
What brings you to NethServer?
Tried Zentyal, but read about future Asterisk implementation on NS
Do you have already installed it?
NS6.8 on a Gigabyte GA-N3150N-D3V. But not “productive”! But I’ll start NS7 this week, so questions, bug reports will come.



I’m fairly new to open source, but I’m learning my way around.

· What you’re working on this week?
I’m working on setting up Nethserver as a transparent WCCP, DHCP, and DNS server.

· Who are you?
I am a veteran of 20 plus years in the US Army. I retired in 2002. I love networking systems and setting up servers for security.

· What brings you to NethServer?
It appears to be the perfect product to use and accomplish what I intend.

Do you have already installed it?
I have 3 instances installed on a MS Hyper-V Server 2016

Hi folks!

So I’m happily joining this community :slight_smile:
Not that I plan to install nor test Nethserver soon. I’ve unfortunately no availability yet for this but I believe this will change.
I’m currently working on quite large infrastructures on topics that are not exactly what Nethserver targets but I used to play with similar (Spanish :expressionless: ) product in a previous life and still have few customers for which such solution would perfectly fit.
This aside, I like the “community approach” allowing to share ideas and viewpoints. What can I bring here? Well, I know a bit of LDAP and related IAM stuff, strong authentication, mail… to make it short, infrastructure, quite often for larger scope than what all-in-one boxes target.

I’ll try to join in a more effective manner in a couple of weeks/month depending on my availability.


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Hi @maddin you’re welcome!

Yes, we’re working hard on this :wink: check this and help us

Welcome here! How are your tests going?

Glad to hear you like it, we strongly believe in it! If you would like to help I’d love to see your participation too. The more hand on deck the better!

Do you have any plan to migrate them to NethServer? Do you need help? :slight_smile:

Do I plan to migrate from Zentyal to Nethserver? Definitely yes… assuming it fits my expectations. For what I saw so far looking quickly at feature list and demo, I would be very surprised it doesn’t.
Then migrating server already in prod requires some attention :slight_smile: and some time to be sure I understand how this works so that I’m comfortable with Nethserver.

I’m too busy for the time being but I’ll do it, for sure.


OK, I did it now :sunglasses:
I’ve installed my first Nethserver. NS7 BTW. No surprise, everything when smoothly.
Now I need to become familiar with admin interface logic and wording then I will install some additional components and start playing with all this stuff further.

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Hi All!!!
I’m new to Nethserver but previously i have tested several similar products like Zentyal, ClearOS etc.
I’m happy that I can find Neth (thanks for Zentyal community ))) )
Previously I have fully satisfied with Zentyal but latest trend is frightening. They randomly disables some (core) features. It’s not a good for me. ClearOS requres money even for community edition. It’s also not acceptable in my case.

This week I have deployed virtualized landscape based on Neth (currently 3 Neth servers but planned more) and plan to play with it. I have some questions about my needs and expectations. I will create separate thread for consulting.

Thank you for warm welcome!


Please advise me…
I have plan to use Neth on Enterprise (7-10 remote geographical locations, one “Main office”, about 2000 users)
But I want to use community edition. (May be I can ask my boss for commercial support but not this year. Today there is very hard financial situation)
Yes, I understand that it’s “not right enough” but I have no choice. Yes, I understand that in this case I need to accept all risks etc.

So is the question is - can I ask community about “how to” in this case?
In fact I need only small piece of help (i believe) and only because Neth 7 is not fine documented at this moment. I really need Neth 7 version because of Samba 4 comes only with Neth 7.

Thank you!
I hope for understanding…

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It would be a good idea to open a new topic and give more info what situation you exactly are. What version of NS are you using? What services are installed? How does your network look like? etc…

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Welcome here Alexander, happy to read your nice words about our project
as @robb’s suggestion, please open different topic for each request :slight_smile:

Enterprise edition is always a good way to support the NethServer project

Welcome aboard Christian! Keep us updated as you go, I love to read you input!