Weekly welcome to new members - 13 Feb 17

Gooood morning NethServer Community,
I’m so happy to write this today. As you may know, last week we have released our NethServer 7 Final, for that reason a bunch of new people has joined our community :couple::couple::couple::couple::couple:
Precisely, 78 new faces are ready to kick off this new week with us! (Do you believe that? :joy: )

If you’re new here, bear in mind that you’re all incredibly important members of this community and we’re so glad you’re here!

Make yourself at home and welcome to NethServer Family.

You can come here any time you need help or feedback on anything related to our distro.
You can get started by introducing yourselves in the comment thread below and answering one of these questions?

  • What you’re working on and what are your skills?
  • What brings you to NethServer?
  • Do you need some help or resources on NethServer?

Looking at you:

  • @phucktank - Blake Lee - United States
  • @ddfdom - Dominique Da Fonseca - France
  • @Thunar - Luc Palo - Italy
  • @jvaldez58 - Juan Valdez - USA
  • @roxlol - rox - Romania
  • @Christoph - Christoph Bloch
  • @ahmedhassan - ahmed - EG
  • @William_Griffiths - William Griffiths - United States
  • @Miro_Dvorak - Miro Dvorak - Slovakia
  • @risnov - Vian Risnoviandi - Indonesia
  • @junker - Roland Junker - Sweden
  • @matt - Matthew Clarke - Australia
  • @gfordtx - Gary Ford - US
  • @kiwimess - Kim Weiss - Finland
  • @tboston - Tony Boston - Germany
  • @ang3l12 - ang3l12 - USA
  • @ggranata - Granata Giovanni - Italy
  • @Ganesh_Chavan - Ganesh Chavan - India
  • @simpsonetti - Sebastian Gödecke - germany
  • @Stefan_Martin - Stefan Martin - Germay
  • @darcysabatino - Darcy Sabatino - Canada
  • @El-Supremo - Mohammed bin Zayed - Saudi Arabia
  • @SeongHo_Ju - Seong Ho Ju (나무소년) - South Korea
  • @margoose - Mark Collings - England
  • @HerrConin - Robert Conin - Germany
  • @Jozef_Slovak - Jozef Slovak - Slovakia
  • @p.hackert - Patrick - Germany
  • @gmajor - Daniele Rossi - Italy
  • @Adam_Fransson - Adam Fransson - Sweden
  • @wbrmx - Maximilian Weber - germany
  • @stevest81 - Steve - Austria
  • @liquidbase - Christian Hann - Germany
  • @ikekim - Ike Kim - Canada
  • @Allaun - Allaun Silverfox - USA
  • @Yanick_Cyr - Yanick Cyr - Canada
  • @master - master - Russia
  • @Harry_Gleb - Igor Glebachev - Россия
  • @Alex - Alexander - Russia
  • @ITSystems - Ryan Shivo - USA
  • @kristian1369 - Christian Plaza - Ecuador
  • @flaviove - Flávio Veras - Brazil
  • @thomas - Thomas - Germany
  • @See - Volker Doerge - Germany
  • @sdrose - David Rose - United States
  • @Memeteau_EKIMIA - Michel Memeteau Ekimia - france
  • @Nicholas_Sennett - Nicholas Sennett - United States
  • @Kalassar - Sven Schenk - Germany
  • @matthiasmaass - Matthias Maass - Switzerland
  • @daniel - Daniel Carlsson - Sweden
  • @jf17009 - Johannes Finster - Austria
  • @sklemz - Stefan Klemz - Germany
  • @ingobaab - Ingo Baab - Germany
  • @boixa - Luis Fernandez - Germany
  • @Richard_Meinsen - Richard Meinsen - Germany
  • @zinknet - joe - Germany
  • @fraber - Frank Bergmann - Spain
  • @nebulon - Johannes Zellner - Berlin
  • @FabianW - Fabian - Deutschland
  • @mikeywerz - Michael Werzowa - Austria
  • @u.fritsch - U.Fritsch - Germany
  • @w2pau - Jim McGrath - United States of America
  • @mars - Martin - Germany
  • @tanasaks - Tanasak Siriworanan - Thailand
  • @Nicholas_van_Rheede - Nicholas Van Rheede Van Oudtshoorn - Australia
  • @Andrew_Hobbs - Andrew Hobbs - United States
  • @Juan_Manuel_Carreira - Juan Manuel Carreira - Argentina
  • @federico.ballarini - Federico Ballarini - Italy
  • @binary - Luis Perez - Guatemala
  • @geekitek - Jon - USA
  • @eilivhaugland - Eiliv Haugland - Denmark
  • @Ailton_Oliveira - Ailton Oliveira - Brasil, sao paulo
  • @dimitri - dimitri - Italy
  • @felimaggiolino - maggi felice - Italy
  • @Onder_Toker - Önder Toker - Turkey
  • @leandrof - Leandro Frola - Italy
  • @McGuyver - Elson Sartori Junior - Brazil
  • @dcoelho - Diamantino Coelho
  • @uliversal - Uli Gr - Germany

Ehi @welcome_commitee let’s celebrate our new members giving them a warm welcome!


I know the internet is exploding with news about the NethServer7 release, but getting so many new faces in 1 week is not what I had expected! WOW… just WOW.
Welcome all! don’t feel intimidated by this huge list and share some info about yourselves and what keeps you busy.


Hi there Community,

I am a Sys-Admin and am working mostly with RedHat and *BSD Systems.

I tried Nethserver a few Months ago already when it was in its Beta Stage.
So since I am a reader of softpedia.com, I stumbled upon the news stating Nethserver 7 is final!

I am using Nethserver on one of my remote Servers for my own Mailserver but also for Nextcloud and SOGo (all of my family uses it here).
The main thing would actually be using it for non-profit Webserver stuff like ‘refugees welcome’ for example and thats where Virtual Machines and/or Virtual Hosts come into play. Sadly, thats still where I’ve been stuck for now since I can not get the VMs networking stuff to work.

Thats it for now,
Thank you all for this great Software

Looking forward to take part in this great community



Hello nethserver community, thank you, Alessio, for the warm welcome!

What am I working on and what are my skills?
I’ve been a system analyst and project mgr for many years with longterm practice of unix/linux, some z/OS and Mac OS; programming in security contexts, web/distributed/large dbs.
Had a sabattical, writing. Now, again: agile stuff (Scrum), supporting startups in sysops and devops and PM, making the best use of my experiences (sw dev, devops, agile).

What brings me to NethServer?
Doing something similar myself, based on virtualized CentOS, but without the GUI layer. My focus is on security (SELinux and the stuff ;-), adaptability and the usability for the users, who are startups and small businesses. Had a look to NethServer, because it may make sense to join this effort. (… although most of my users use Macs, which is not so well represented in the NethServer community, as it seems, and my view on security is quite strict.)

Do I need some help or resources on NethServer?
I’d love to know about the views & attitudes & experiences people have, here – for instance, concerning highly secured setups of nethserver, etc.

Best to you all,


Hello community and thank you for your welcome!

I came to NethServer searching for an company internal Linux Server (as a replacement of an existing Windows Server 2003; about 10 users) with the following features:

  1. Active Directory/Domain Controller
  2. Simple but powerful web interface
  3. Roaming profiles
  4. File serving: “Home” share for each user and public/group shares
  5. Backup solution (with encryption)
  6. (internal) E-Mail server with Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam (sending E-Mails via a smarthost and, if possible, receiving E-Mails via a catch-all account) and support of out-of-office notifications (for each user and also the possibility to set them for a user as administrator)
  7. Bonus: Exchange compatible groupware (supporting Outlook 2016)

I tested Zentyal 4.2 at the beginning of 2016 (ok, but with some problems) and Zentyal 5.0 at the end of 2016 (totally buggy, removed features, nearly dead forum).

I’m totally excited about NethServer though not all my requirements are configurable out-of-the-box. I’ve checked and ticked requirements number 1 to 5 and currenty I’m working on and checking the requirement number 6.

And I enjoy this very lively community, looking forward to take part.


Hello Community,

What you’re working on and what are your skills?
I’m a Network Technician by trade, but I use Nethserver at home in Proxmox as my gateway and webserver with a few other servers behind it. One of which is a Minecraft server that I spend a lot of my time maintaining. I’m still pretty new to the Linux side of things. I can make my way around but I’m no where near as efficient or knowledgeable as others. I’m looking to learn more, get some certifications and maybe change from Networking to Sys-Admin, but I’m not sure about any of that yet. Maybe I’ll just keep it as hobby.

What brings you to NethServer?
I was originally using Zentyal, But I did not like the web interface. I tend to stick to things with a Debian base but after testing Nethserver 6.8 it was apparent that it’s indeed the best for what I need. I just upgraded to 7 yesterday.

Do you need some help or resources on NethServer?
I originally made this account for help with the Neth7 firewall. After port forwarding it would only work with any > any instead of any > server.domain. I have it working with any > any service which is essentially the same thing so I never made the post.

Thank you for amazing software. I’ve been using it for about 6 months and I haven’t run into any problems that wasn’t of my own doing :smiley:



Did you open a question on it yet? Let’s submit your issue to our folks

As skilled sysadmin I expect a lot from you man :slight_smile: Some hint in this post

We definitely need your eyes here, let us know your insights on how to enforce NethServer security.

That’s a great idea, can you open a new topic about that? Or I can open it for you.
I would love to see your participation too. :wave:

:worried:the it doesn’t look so good. Which are the NethServer features that you appreciate most?

Great to hear from you Uli, I’m keen to know hot this project goes on. Please keep us in touch. If you need further help don’t hesitate to open a support topic.

I’m would be happy introduce you to @lorentedford check her topic

@robb is working on a NethServer Certification :slight_smile: you should connect with him

Wow! You have a lot of things to share, stop by the support category and check if you can answer a question. The more hand on the deck the better!

Thanks all for taking the time to answer my call! :slight_smile:


What you’re working on and what are your skills?

  • my skills are cloud engineering and devops.
  • I have high interest in machine data and learning

What brings you to NethServer?

  • I followed an article about the NethServer can do away with Windows AD server.
  • This will be great for small businesses that use Win 2012 AD just for authentication and File Services

Do you need some help or resources on NethServer?

  • I will set one up in a lab environment and then I will see if I need further help.
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Thanks for accepting my invite Ike, great to see you here! I can’t wait to know how your lab tests are going!