Webtop5, cannot change admin password

On a clean install of webtop5, I cannot change the admin users password. Upon logging into webtop with “admin” for both the username and password, I attempt to change the password in the settings. It seems to change the password (there is no confirmation or error message upon the change).

The password change never takes effect, the admin password remains “admin”, and nothing new is printed into the webtop log. Possible bug?

I finally was able to change the password with the following workaround. I think this MAY be a webtop5 bug, but I am not sure.

Was able to change the password by editing the webtop5 database using these instructions:

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Hi Christopher,

this is an already known bug (https://redmine.sonicle.com/issues/338) for which the fix that has been included in the next update has already been created.

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Ah, okay. Thanks for letting me know if was already reported.

I have nethserver-testing repo enabled, i changed again the default password today…
But it were rolled-back to default.

What can I do to diagnose the issue?

Actually you can only change the password via psql as described here
There is no Webtop update in nethserver-testing AFAIK.

So issue filed 60 days ago, with a fix already written and update pack already created… still not released? For bug on admin credentials management? In a stable implementation on “default groupware”?

Ok… That makes me feel quite dazed. By my perspective the action button for Webtop is ⏏️, in this moment this application is not suitable for my needs, and I’m quite sorry about that.
Maybe i’ll try to “play” with that later in the year.

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The issue was promptly fixed at our side, as soon as it was discovered, as you can see here:


the release process from Sonicle git repos to NS has other paths that have their timings.

Luckily, this issue is not disturbing the user base, but “just” the admin base, but they are the one that can handle these situations the best, isn’t it?

Anyway, I bet the fix is coming soon from the NS repo.


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Thank you guys for pointing out again this issue.

We are doing our best to provide a good and solid implementation, but we should probably release early, release often.
We are working to improving the process! :wink:

This is true, and I would like to reduce this gap as much as possible.
We now have an automated build based on Travis, so we can push WebTop to NethServer repository as soon as a new release is available.

I would like to open up also this process: what about announcing each new release of WebTop directly here with all instructions for new installations and upgrade process for existing one?

Just to address the current issue, NS released WebTop wt-5.1.4 on Nov 29, 2017 (WebTop 5.1.4 · Issue #5376 · NethServer/dev · GitHub).
The fix on WebTop is marked for wt-5.1.3, but dated Dec 2, 2017.

Since the issue 338 doesn’t contain any reference to code, I can’t check if the fix is inside the shipped package or not.

We probably did some mistake, and of course we can release a new version with the fix.
Gabriele, could you please point me to the fix so I can check if released RPM contains it?

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