Webtop customization type questions

Hello @webtop_team , @lucag and @gabriele_bulfon

I’m testing Webtop 5 and require your assistance in helping me get webtop working just right for our office.

  • I’m looking to replace the Webtop logo at login with our own company logo. this post here - A couple of minor things about WebTop mentions how they did this. But I’m not seeing in the Admin where I can upload our image. Please advise where this can be done.
  • I’ve noticed that Webtop times out of logs me out if I’m not actively using it. I see this as a problem with our employees as they will have tasks throughout the day that take them away from mail but keep them at their computer. Having to log back in when they want to check mail I know will result in them complaining to me on who they can stay logged in. Is there a timeout setting for this. My users are used to Zarafa where they stay logged in.
  • We use Nextcloud with our Nethserver. I see that webtop has a cloud button. What does this Cloud in Webtop allow me to do? I’m hoping I can connect my Nextcloud to Webtop as we don’t use any other cloud.

As I dig in more into using Webtop I’m sure I’ll have more questions…but so far so good!

Thank you.


logging in as admin, you should have a “cloud” icon containing the public images folder, where you can upload images to be used later e.g. for mailcards.
Here you can upload the login.png file and name it exactly like that to have it as the new login page.

The problem you’re having (logging out users) shouldn’t happen.
If it does it means that or the websocket or other continuous requests are being blocked, not allowing the session to keep alive.
You may open the debug window of Chrome (F12) / Network pane, leave WT5 there without working on it for some time, and take a look at the network requests, if any becomes red that may help investigate what’s happening.

Nextcloud will be supported on WT5 shortly.
At the moment, it supports its own local resources, url connected resources (smb, sftp etc) and public clouds such as Google and DropBox.



Hello @gabriele_bulfon,

Excellent responses! I’ve successfully added our logo to the Webtop login screen now! Looks great!

I’ll take a look at the debug window you’ve suggested to see what I can see.

Very happy to hear that we’ll be able to use our local Nextcloud ‘Cloud’ in Webtop soon. Exactly what I was hoping for. :smile:

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Further question for you @gabriele_bulfon and/or @webtop_team,

Is there a way to add a background color to the login screen? I’ve successfully added our logo. But is there a background image or color I can add as well?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide me.

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No, sorry, not at the moment.
I have added a feature request here :